CYC Guesthouse

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Forming a part of the Children and Youth Center of Shatila Refugee Camp, the CYC Guesthouse is a place where visitors can learn about Beirut’s very real and ongoing struggles, whilst at the same time contributing to their alleviation. CYC is a lifeline for many residents of Shatila, the refugee camp that was subject to one of the most horrific episodes of the Civil War; to learn more on the subject, speak to razor-sharp director Abu Mujahad, an impassioned and eloquent ambassador of displaced peoples. The guesthouse, which is located inside the camp, aims to encourage communication and friendship between visitors and the youth of Shatila and impress on its guests the need for change. It features all basic amenities and has five bedrooms, sleeping a maximum of fifteen people at $15 a night. 

By: Kerry Higgins


Venue name: CYC Guesthouse
Address: Shatila Refugee Camp

Price: Bed $15/night
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