The Democratic Republic of Music

The Democratic Republic of Music

As well as being a music label, The Democratic Republic of Music (DRM), also has a fantastic venue to showcase the music styling’s and talent of their artists. Located in Hamra, DRM has created a fantastic space that has been well thought through, with extra care and detail given to the acoustics. Using special materials, they formed a space that works with the sound, so that every note played by the live bands is crystal clear with the bare minimum of reverb. Food is available, but is only served before and after performances, not during. Such is the level of respect they provide to the musicians and the performance. The DRM is a relaxed venue that puts on fantastic shows in a well designed environment.

By: Time Out Beirut staff


Venue name: The Democratic Republic of Music
Address: Ground Floor, Mkahhal Bldg
Sourati Street

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