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Barbar is to Hamra, as birds are to trees, or the Lebanese government is to indecision. Ostensibly a fast food restaurant, but serving up probably some of the best sharwarma in area if not the Middle East – at least CNN travel and the Washington Post think so in their glowing reviews of the place. Open 24/7, you’ll always find it busy inside (especially at 3am when you’d expect all sane minded people to be in bed) and sometime you could even struggle to find a table; a perfect indicator of undying popularity. No, you won’t get silver cutlery or snooty French waiters describing, at length, the bouquet of a bottle of wine, but that’s not why you go to Barbar. You go for the bustling lively ambience, the fun and the joy of sitting down and enjoying the food with everybody else as a shared common experience. Plenty to choose from on the menu, which is all worth trying, but you can never go wrong with the chicken shawarma, unless you don’t like chicken.

By: Time Out Beirut staff


Venue name: Barbar
Address: Barbar Junction

Opening hours: 24 hours
Price: Meal for two LL25,000
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