Restaurants, Lebanese Achrafieh

There is something truly heartening about walking into a restaurant and finding it so humming with activity that for a split second you’re a little worried about getting a table. Once relaxed into our seats Boubouffe’s large, sunny dining room was happily inviting. Its bright yellow tables and walls with occasional splashes of cornflower blue lent a touch of the Provençal. Ordering was strangely intense, the waitress looking at us as if the very concept of it was baffling, as if we’d wandered into a bank and asked the clerk for half a bottle of Ksara and a steak.

Eventually complying she brought us a creamy kebbé nayé with a hint of mint. The three grilled prawns looked lonely and vulnerable, dozing on a blanket of lettuce, and were a little overpriced at LL33,000. If lacking freshness of taste, they satisfied through sheer weight of body, frighteningly large as they were.

By: James Haines-Young


Venue name: Boubouffe
Address: Charles Malek Avenue

Opening hours: Daily 8am-12.30am
Price: Meal for two LL80,000
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