Food 101

Restaurants, Eclectic Bliss Str

Food 101’s customer base is made up of students from the nearby AUB, and it makes no secret of that. You might think that university students wouldn’t want to be reminded of their studies but Food 101 disagrees and has built its entire theme around scholarly issues. The decor is playful and cheerful, with a hip edge to it. If you’re thinking about walking in wearing a business suit, plonking your briefcase on the table and talking about derivatives and how useless the accounting department is, then don’t. This is a hangout for people still getting out of bed around noon and with the time to discuss the cost of cupcakes.

Keeping in with the theme there is not a menu, rather you are supplied with a food syllabus. To that end we suggest you keep your studies focussed on pizza courses, an introduction to modern sandwiches and big burger theory.

By: James Haines-Young


Venue name: Food 101
Address: Bliss Street

Opening hours: Daily 8am-1am
Price: Meal for two LL35,000
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