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Around and around it goes, where will it stop? It won’t. That’s really the point of a sushi conveyor belt. When the orientalist inside you is crying out for some raw fish, rice and seaweed then Kaiten in Hamra can provide everything you need. They have a sushi dishes made from every kind marine animal (that’s safe to eat raw) and a number of authentically cooked meat dishes, as well as a great selection of vegetarian options.

Dining at Kaiten is a fun experience and its cosmopolitan feel reminds diners of the finer sushi bars you’d find in other major metropolitan cities across the globe. As the carousel goes round and round it can be very tempting to grab everything that passes by, but be warned as it’s not an all you can eat. Each dish has a different price depending of the colour of the plate, which range from the cheapest at LL 3,750, to the most expensive at LL 8,750. The conveyor belt concept is great fun and should be checked out for Japanphiles and newcomers to the culture alike. 



By: James Haines-Young


Venue name: Kaiten
Address: Hamra Street

Opening hours: Sun-Thu noon-11.30pm; Fri-Sat noon-midnight
Price: Meal for two LL60,000
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