Guide to Tyre

Time Out Beirut has a handy guide to Tyre, a popular destination near Beirut, including the fishing harbour, markets and ancient ruins in this popular city

Tyre is the last city that you will reach before you get to the border with and it is well worth making the effort to get down there, especially as it is very easy to do so. Tyre is another of the important Phoenician cities, and large amounts of the empire’s trade went through the city’s ports. Today the tranquil fishing harbour, and the spectacular ancient ruins, make it an ideal place for a day out (or even a weekend) getaway from Beirut.

It may be fairly small in size, compared to some of Lebanon’s other cities, but it offers some of the best that the country has to offer. For history, Tyre’s archeological sites are almost unparalleled in the country, the quaint and serene backstreets around the fishing harbour are simply idyllic and the perfect beaches are a sun seeker's paradise.

Getting there and away
Buses from Cola Interchange frequently leave to Tyre and will cost LL 5,000, taking around an hour, depending on the traffic. If you want to get back on the bus then finding the highway going north is easy enough and you’ll be able to flag one down from there. If you don’t fancy squeezing into a bus for the breakneck rush back to Beirut then you can get a taxi, which will cost around LL 90,000.

By: James Haines-Young

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