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Where to stay in Tyre

Time Out Beirut has a handy guide on where to stay in Tyre, including hotels Al Fanar, The Orange House and Tyre Rest House, in this popular destination near Beirut

Tyre Rest House

It’s well worth spending the night in Tyre, so you get a whole day to explore the area.  Along with its restaurant and bar, Al Fanar also has a hotel attached. Each room is cosy, with a charming homely quality and they all come with en-suite facilities. A double room will set you back around LL 105,000 with breakfast included, which comes with fresh bread from the bakery next door. If you're looking for more of a guesthouse vibe, then The Orange House will suit you perfectly. Located among the banana groves and with paths that lead directly down to the beach,

The Orange House has four bedrooms available, so during the peak summer months, booking is strongly advised. It’s run by two environmentalists, who as well as running The Orange House, dedicate their time to monitoring the giant turtles. If you're not an animal person, you might not enjoy the menagerie of tame beasts that wander around outside, including cats, dogs, goats and parrots. One night at The Orange House will cost LL 75,000. It’s also noted that because the Orange House is beyond the last freely passable military checkpoint heading south   you will need to apply for a permit from the military base in Sida. A relatively hassle free undertaking, but one that will require forward planning - enquire from the Orange House how to go about this and they will helpfully fill you in. For those of you that want a true taste of luxury then the Tyre Rest House is what you are looking for. Each room is sumptuous in design and facilities, and everything exudes chic.

The Orange House(07 320 063) Mansoureh Village, Tyre-Naqoura Rd

Tyre Rest House, (07 742 000) http://www.resthouse-tyr.com.lb

By: James Haines-Young