City Guide

Local life, family trips and what to do where. A bit of Accra for everyone

Insiders’ guide to Accra

Meet the kids! A guided tour of Nima

Time Out goes back to school on a walking tour of Nima – an essential Accra experience.

Know your contemporary Ghanaian art

Owner of the Loom gallery and doyenne of Accra's art scene for decades - offers her pick of leading artists.

Fight night: boxing in Accra

Boxing is big in Accra. Here's a front row seat to cheer on Jamestown's hometown hero.

50 things to do in Accra and Ghana

With essential tips on everything from Accra's best nightspots and live music bars to where to watch the polo...

Tourist and visitor information

Transport information

Find essential information about travel in Accra by public transport – all you need to know about buses, taxis and that quintessential Accra experience: travelling by tro tro...

Resources, health and services

From information on hostpitals and emergency services to the proper Ghanaian tipping etiquette... you'll find all your newbie questions answered in Time Out's guide to getting by in Ghana.

Local laws and customs

Stay out of trouble with our quick guide to the laws, customs duties and legal restrictions in Ghana – know your age of consent from your photography restrictions and you won't go too far wrong...

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