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What to see at the National Museum of Ghana

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The National Museum is home to some of Ghana’s most absorbing historical finds. An exhibition about the slave trade is essential viewing, outlining its brutal history, and showing poignant relics such as shackles. There’s also a gallery with pieces by Ghanaian artists.

  1. Barnes Road, Adabraka
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Makola Market

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The loosely defined borders of Makola Market enclose what might be seen as Accra’s most dynamic commercial hub. It’s certainly one of the most entertaining. Hot, noisy and insistent, it’s an initially bewildering sprawl of kitchenware, jewellery, textiles, shoes and anything else your cedi might conceivably buy, hawked from floors, racks,

  1. Kojo Thompson Road and Independence Avenue.
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Arts Centre Market (Centre for National Culture)

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This is a popular location for tourists wanting a one-stop-shop for arts and crafts. The stalls are crammed full with textiles, carvings, bags, music instruments, clothing and jewellery. The stalls continue through the main hangar, and into an outdoor market that holds the more interesting treasures such as metal ornaments, drums, wood furnishing,

  1. 28th February Rd, near Kwame Nkrumah Monument
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Kaneshie Market

Kaneshie Market is on the road out west of Accra. It is very much like Makola Market – a sprawling chaos of stalls, shops and street vendors. Everything you could possibly imagine can be bought here. It’s also an important transport hub with tro tro and regional buses picking up and dropping off passengers. However, if you wanted to see a

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