La Mercè and the tricentennial

It's 300 years since the siege of Barcelona. Get to know what the city was like in 1700 with activities and events in the Born and Ciutadella



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The bustling city: history

Barcelona's getting ready to celebrate the wedding of Archduke Charles and Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Wolfensbüttel, and you're invited to the party. In the Ciutadella park, Barcelona before the siege is being re-created. Charles will tell you about the acts of 1714, and strolling through the park you'll come across a period procession, a tavern where you can buy chocolates, and well-diggers, all who invite you to take a trip through time.

  1. Umbracle, Parc de la Ciutadella
  2. Fri 20th & Mon 23rd, 9pm-1.30am; Sat 21st, 11am-1.30am; Sun 22nd & Tue 24th, 11am-midnight. Intermissions every day from 3pm-3.30pm & 8.30pm-9pm.

The bustling city: Miquelets and Borbons

Near the Parliament building, one of the few from the old Citadel that are still standing, you'll find the camp of some special characters, dressed in blue coats with weapons at the ready, the Catalan militia known as the Miquelets. Outside the walls is another settlement, that of the Borbons, who played an active role during the 1714 siege of Barcelona and who relive the battle of Almansa every year.

  1. Parc de la Ciutadella
  2. 20-24 Sep, all day

The bustling city: dance

Even way back in 1700, people gathered to eat and drink together, so as part of your jouney to the past in the Parc de la Ciutadella you'll find an 18th-century tavern with a festive ambience of music and dancing. The Xuriach company has worked with traditional choreography and music to bring them to the stage where the city's traditional 'esbarts' dancers will re-create dances from the period that you can also join in.

  1. Til·lers, Parc de la Ciutadella
  2. Sat, Sun, Tue noon and 6pm
Josep Pedrals

The bustling city: music

The 1714 stage hosts entertainers who will also inform: they're accompanied by music as the tell us about the city's past and present. Shows include performances by "Xuri" (Sat 21st, Sun 22nd, Tue 24th, 1.45pm, 4.15pm, 7.45pm); Carles Belda and Jaume Arnella in an intergenerational encounter (Fri 20th 10.15pm, Sat 21st 10.15pm; Sat 21st & Tue 24th, 9.45pm, 10.15pm; Mon 23rd 11.30pm); Josep Pedrals with compositions that were read out 300 years ago (Fri 20th, 9pm, 11.45pm; Sat 21st, 9pm; Sun 22nd & Tue 24th, 8.45pm, Mon 23rd, 9pm, 12.45am); and last but not least Francesc Riberta presents 'L'esca del pecat' ('The scale of sin') (Sat 21st, 11.45pm; Sun 22nd & Tue 24th, 11pm; Mon 23rd 10.15pm).

  1. Til·lers, Parc de la Ciutadella

Passat amb futur

War, horror, honour and joy have all featured in the Barcelona universe over the last 300 years, and these are the protagonists of this audiovisual show brought to you by Franc Aleu and Dani Serra. The show, 'Passat amb futur' ('Past with future') is set in the architecturally impressive Catalan Parliament building, which was a military arsenal in 1714 and is now the seat of legislative power.

  1. Parlament, Parc de la Ciutadella
  2. Fri 20th, Sat 21st, Mon 23rd, 10.30pm-1.30am; Sun 22nd, Tue 24th, 10pm-midnight.

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