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Top beer shops

If you're into quality, craft and imported beer, these are Barcelona's best shops to grab your brew

Rosses i Torrades


From Japan to Ireland, Rosses i Torrades are always searching for the breweries around the world with the best beers. They put on beer tastings and pairings with tapas but if, for instance, you're a cheese and beer addict, then they'll be happy to organise a party tailored specially for you. And ask about their home-brew kits.

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The staff of this Barceloneta bodega are beer fanatics, so rest assured you'll find plenty of delicious choices in their fridge to accompany a beach picnic. Ask for Roger.

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La Barceloneta

Family Beer


Whether you like beer so much you want to make your own, or you like to cook and want to try a new recipe,  why not try your hand at brewing beer? It's easier than you might think, and Peio and Silvia love helping people learn. Not only that, but you can get ingredients here to help put your personal stamp on your brew.

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L'Espumossa es un bar, but it's so well-known and revered as a shop that other beer shops are crossing their arms across their chest and giving the ground a little jealous kick. Don't despair, at least the clientele can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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L'Antiga Esquerra de l'Eixample

The Beer Store

Tastings, home-brewing kits, a great list of domestic and imported beers... they even have a space reserved for collectors!

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Sagrada Família

The Beer Shop

Sant Gervasi seems more a wine neighbourhood, but when they dabble in beer, they do it full on. Check out the tailor-made tastings. You'll learn a lot.

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Sant Gervasi - Galvany


In addition to the hundreds of bottles they stock from all over the world, they also have five beers on tap, which are rotated regularly, and they serve up burgers and patatas bravas, so you don't have to worry about stumbling ou the door. They also offer courses on how to make beer at home.

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Sant Andreu

Beer Corner

In one of the city's markets with the most deli options per square metre, you can't miss a stop by this shop for some scrumptious craft beer.

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Sant Gervasi - Galvany