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Opened in 2001, this museum is housed in an aristocratic residence that Juan Perón expropriated; he converted it into a women's shelter for his wife's quasi-statal welfare agency. Paintings, posters and busts are displayed alongside the outfits Eva wore on tours of Europe, with the star exhibits being two dresses designed by Paco Jamandreu, which she wore for her audiences with the Pope, and her libreta cívica (ID card): number 0.000.001. Arguably better than the museum itself is the newly refurbished restaurant and outdoor terrace.

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Museo Evita details

Lafinur 2988,
entre Gutiérrez y Las Heras

Area Palermo

Transport Subte D, Plaza Italia/37, 59, 60, 102 bus

Telephone 011 4807 9433, 011 4807 0306

Open 1-7pm Tue-Sun

Admission AR$5

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