“Bikes! The Green Revolution”

Chicago’s love affair with human-powered, two-wheeled transport



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"Bikes!" at Notebaert Nature Museum

"Bikes!" at Notebaert Nature Museum Photograph: Greg Neise/Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum’s “Bikes! The Green Revolution” explores Chicago’s love affair with human-powered, two-wheeled transport. Divided into three parts, the show offers a good mix of hands-on material for kids and artifact-oriented displays for adults with an emphasis on Chicago history. “Bike Town” features 12 vintage bicycles including an amazing 1888 highwheeler sporting a 52-inch front wheel. “Green Revolution” showcases examples of flora and fauna viewable along the region’s bike trails. “Wheel People” concludes the exhibition with a replicated bike shop that demystifies bicycle mechanics. And leave inspired to hop on your bike and experience nature throughout our Urbs in Horto.

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