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Bar crawl down Armitage Avenue

With new spots like Sink|Swim and classic bars like Weegee's Lounge, Armitage Avenue in Logan Square is Chicago's best stretch for great cocktails. Join us as we bar crawl down Armitage, making stops at Parson's Chicken & Fish, Scofflaw, Sink |Swim, Best Intentions and Weegee's Lounge.

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By: Amy Cavanaugh

Meet the artists behind our fall covers, Don't Fret and Sean Dove

When we decided to bring you our momentous fall print preview, we knew not just any old cover would do. We teamed up with two of our favorite Chicago artists, Don’t Fret and Sean Dove, to create bespoke artwork for the issue. We spoke with both of our coveted cover artists about their work and the process of how these fall pieces came to life.   Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas   “I haven’t done a lot of Chicago-centric work. It’s something I've pulled away from because there is so much good Chicago art,” says illustrator and designer Sean Dove. Dove runs his studio, And Thank You For Flying, out of the North Side of Chicago, crafting up packaging, comics, screen prints and art for everyone from Marvel to McDonald’s, as well as releasing The Last Days of Danger, a book of reviews and illustrations of 20-plus spy films.  For his take on the cover, Dove focused on a cityscape with fall delights hidden in plain sight—a bowl of warm and gooey mac and cheese, a glass of wine, a brisk walk on an autumn day. “I offered up four quick concepts and we chose the best fit. I drew by hand a more detailed version—I find it easier to plan out stuff like this on paper—then scanned it and started redrawing in Photoshop, adding detail and color. I really wanted to play with contrast, so I gave it a warm and cool palette, contrasting the curvy trees and the geometry of the buildings.” Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas “It’s fun to do little challenges, to see how much I can push my world into a t

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By: Lisa White

Leaf through the digital edition of Time Out Chicago's fall print issue

On Wednesday, we released our free (yes, free) fall special edition print magazine. If you didn't get a copy from one of our street teams Wednesday, you can still find it at restaurants, bars, retailers and other locations across the city. But if you can't wait to take a look at the book, then you're in luck. You can also leaf through a digital edition of our magazine online.  Check it out for the best things to do, eat, drink and see this fall.  Click here to see Time Out Chicago's fall print preview digital edition

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By: Time Out Chicago editors

Interview: Donita Sparks on the return of L7

Like any modern music festival worth its salt, this year's edition of Riot Fest hosts its fair share of reunited bands, from No Doubt to Drive Like Jehu. Among those reconvened bands from yesteryear is L7, a metal-turned-punk outfit formed in the mid-'80s that found success in the early '90s, during the height of grunge and the riot grrrl movement. Ahead of L7's set at Riot Fest on Sunday, we spoke with frontwoman Donita Sparks about her decision to reunite the band and her legacy as a politically conscientious musician.  What made you decide it was time for L7 to reunite?I don’t think any of us thought we would get back together. I had been posting stuff on our Facebook page when I was archiving my stuff and delivering it to a filmmaker who is now making a documentary about the band—we were getting this really frothy response! When you’re away for awhile, you think everyone has forgotten about you. When our booking agent contacted me to see if we might be interested in doing some festivals, I called everyone up—we had been estranged for years and I really didn’t know how it would go. [Guitarist] Suzi [Gardner] needed some time to think about it, but she said yes after six months. What has it been like revisiting songs you wrote more than two decades ago?When we decided to do this I said, “Hey, let’s not make a new record. Let’s just revisit the old stuff, because that’s what people want to hear anyway." It wasn’t our desire to make a new record, that would have put this cr

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By: Zach Long

Chicago will soon be home to the world's largest rooftop greenhouse

Eco-friendly soap manufacturer Method Products clearly believes in going big or going home when it comes to going green. In April they opened a 150,000-square-foot factory on the South Side in Pullman coupled with a 230-foot wind turbine and three 35-by-35-foot solar tracking trees. But they’re not done yet. They’re soon to unveil the largest rooftop greenhouse in the world. Scheduled to be fully planted in the fall, the 75,000-square-foot greenhouse will produce an annual yield of 1 million pounds of leafy greens and herbs to be distributed through the city’s retailers, restaurants and farmers’ markets. The greenhouse is owned and operated by Gotham Greens, a Brooklyn-based company that runs three other rooftop farms in New York City. While it won’t be open to the public, the rooftop is a big step in moving toward more sustainable food sources in Chicago. New York might be home to the tallest building in the country (if, you know, you count that spire), but our city’s massive green roof is way, way more badass.

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By: Clayton Guse

United Center gets major food upgrades for this fall

Add the United Center to the list of Chicago sports centers receiving culinary upgrades. (Hot Doug's at Wrigley, anyone?) This fall, the United Center will roll out menus from local favorites, including Big Star, Publican Quality Meats, Lillie's Q and Jake Melnick's Corner Tap.

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By: Elizabeth Atkinson

Google predicts how busy Chicago restaurants and bars will be

When's the best time to visit a restaurant if you can't deal with waiting? Recently, Google started charting how popular restaurants and bars are at a given time, using location history data (it's only on mobile for now). 

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By: Amy Cavanaugh