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6 places to get monkey bread right now

Monkey bread can be found on brunch and dessert menus or even as savory appetizers all over town. Here are a few of great choices. 

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By: Jessica Berson

Victory Gardens swaps Marcus Gardley premiere for April

Victory Gardens Theater will swap out a previously announced Marcus Gardley world premiere for this spring, A Wonder in My Soul, for a newer Gardley play written in response to recent racial unease. An Issue of Blood ventures back to 17th-century America and a woman known as Negro Mary in order to address current events.

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By: Kris Vire

Penny, the F*ckable Dolphin: based on a truthy story

You probably wouldn't guess that the Annoyance Theatre's wonderfully silly current show Penny, the F*ckable Dolphin: A Love Story, which I saw Wednesday night, was based on a true story. And, well, it's not quite. Officially, Penny is "inspired by the novel Wet Goddess by Malcom Brenner." Of course, you also have to know that Brenner maintains his novel is autobiographical, and based on his own consensual sexual relationship with a dolphin as a young man in Florida.

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By: Kris Vire

8 downtown places to get Wi-Fi for free

Maybe you're tired of smelling like you've been steeped in coffee. Maybe you're broke. Or maybe you want an alternative to the café and coworking scenes. Chicago is full of free options to get your Wi-Fi on without paying for it. Here are eight great options.

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By: Lisa Ghisolf

Chicago had a masked 'supervillain' in the 19th century

In 1892, the North Side was terrorized by the exploits of a costumed supervillain—in a way. In November of that year, several people on the North Side were accosted by a mustached man in a bowler hat riding a dark horse with a blazing red saddle.

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By: Adam Selzer

Rick Bayless revamps and renames Xoco in Wicker Park

When the Wicker Park offshoot of Xoco opened last year, it was basically the same as the original River North outpost, with a couple key differences: a bar, a brunch menu and tableside service. Now, he's changing things up. It's henceforth called Xoco Bistro, and the menu expands beyond tortas and caldos to include what Bayless is calling "classic plates."

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By: Amy Cavanaugh

Andersonville ranked one of the nation's hottest neighborhoods of 2015

Last year, Redfin predicted that Humboldt Park would have a big year in terms of real estate. It proved to be accurate, as the neighborhood's median sale price rose by 62 percent. This year, the real estate website is at it again, naming Andersonville as one of its "Hottest Neighborhoods of 2015." 

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By: Clayton Guse

What to see at the "Dial 3 for 3-D" series at the Siskel Center

Now playing at the Gene Siskel Film Center is a program titled "Dial 3 for 3-D," a veritable film festival of notable stereoscopic films from the 1950s through the present. The series includes everything from vintage horror and cult items like Creature from the Black Lagoon and House of Wax to contemporary documentaries and art films such as Cave of Forgotten Dreams. But the must-sees are Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder (1954) and Jean-Luc Godard’s recent Goodbye to Language (2014).

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By: Michael Smith


Philip C
Philip C

So excited to hear that "Beaches" is Coming to Drury Lane Theatre in Oakbrook this summer prior to hitting Broadway! In town June 24-August 16, 2015.