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Tampon tax struck down in unanimous City Council vote

Chicago's City Council put a ban on taxing tampons on Wednesday in a unanimous vote. All 46 alderman voted to redesignate "feminine products" as "medical necessities," making tampons and pads exempt from Chicago's standard 10.25 percent sales tax rate.

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By: Nick Kotecki

This summer, Navy Pier could actually be...cool?

Navy Pier, the Chicago attraction that's loved by sightseers and scoffed at by locals, is about to become way less lame. This year, to celebrate its 100th anniversary, the lakeside tourist trap is undergoing a rebranding initiative dubbed the Centennial Vision. 

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By: Clayton Guse

Then and Now: Washington and Dearborn streets

Ah, Chicago before the fire. The city was very different—a nexus between the industrial East and the agricultural West, full of opportunity. It grew like a weed, and in order to keep up, the city was made mostly of lumber. Wood covered the streets and sidewalks, and since the steel revolution hadn't caught on yet, many of the buildings were, yes, also wooden.

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By: Clayton Guse

19 things you can always rely on in Chicago

Living in a city of 3 million people can sometimes be overwhelming. Who can you rely on? Certainly not the CTA, and probably not even your local meteorologist. But even in the midst of chaos, there are some things that you can always count on in Chicago.

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By: Time Out Chicago editors

Stephanie Izard's Duck Duck Goat to open by end of March

The Chicago Tribune reported that the long-awaited Duck Duck Goat, Stephanie Izard's (Girl & the Goat, Little Goat Diner) new Chinese concept located at 857 W Fulton Market, may open before the end of March. Izard isn't releasing an official date yet, but the decor has been delivered and the kitchen staff is training. 

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By: Elizabeth Atkinson

Chicago River could have bike path by 2017

Chicagoans take pride in their parks—from the Lakefront Trail to the 606, and now possibly another with the Addison Underbridge Connector. The name is tentative, and hopefully it's not called that for long, but the proposed bike path will connect parks and bits of trail from Belmont to Montrose avenues.

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By: Sara Freund

The next generation of CTA train cars are on the way

We're still getting used to the center-facing seats on the 5000 series of CTA train cars (which were introduced in 2011) but the city's transit authority is already planning the launch of the 7000 series, the next generation of passenger rail cars. 

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By: Zach Long