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Remembering Lois Weisberg

Lois Weisberg served for more than two decades as the influential commissioner of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs under Mayor Richard M. Daley; it would be hard to name anyone who's had more of an impact on the city's cultural life in the last three decades. 

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By: Kris Vire

The Publican is opening a location at O'Hare Airport

A new location of Paul Kahan's Publican restaurant is moving into Terminal 3 of O'Hare Airport. It will take over the Wolfgang Puck Cafe near the American Airlines terminal, continuing O'Hare's transition into an unlikely (but much appreciated) culinary destination.

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By: Elizabeth Atkinson

M Burger's new Chicago Double is awesome

The Chicago Double is a double cheeseburger that has perfectly melted American cheese, a mess of grilled onions, zippy pickles and bright mustard, all of which combine for a burger that's perfectly balanced on a squishy bun.

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By: Amy Cavanaugh

Chicago could be flooded with street cafes this spring

Once the snow melts this winter, Chicago could see a surge in outdoor dining options. The City Council approved a measure that will allow restaurants with narrow sidewalks to occupy the curbside parking lane outside their buildings with tables and chairs.

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By: Nick Kotecki

12 signs that you definitely grew up in Chicago

Growing up in Chicago gives you a childhood experience that is very different from that of kids who grew up elsewhere. Sure, city natives had a pretty standard K-12 experience just like most children across the country, but there are a handful of experiences that come only with growing up in Chicago.

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By: Time Out Chicago editors

Chicago, we need to talk about escalator etiquette

By and large, Chicagoans have pretty good social etiquette, but there's one type of place where the unwritten rules that keep our civilization intact are thrown out the window: escalators. 

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By: Clayton Guse