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For years now we've covered new comics as part of our larger books beat, but with new energy surrounding the rebooting of the DC Comics line, we've decided to begin collecting our comics pieces all in one place. Here's where you can find all of our reviews of the New 52, as well as interviews with creators and other considerations of the funnybook world. Check back daily as we'll be updating this page constantly.

Review | The Savage Hawkman #1

Hawkman fails to outfly his reputation.

Review | Blackhawks #1

Terrorism! Nanocites! Not bad!

Review | Justice League Dark #1

This new JL title turns out to be the best.

Review | Batman: The Dark Knight #1

The weakest of the Batman titles limps out in the final week.

Review | I, Vampire #1

Don't let those abs fool you, these vamps aren't vapid.

Review | The Flash #1

Francis Manapul is the right man for the job.

Review | Catwoman #1

Winick's one for two after this clunker.

Roundtable Review | Wonder Woman #1

Wonder Woman kicks ass, even in her dumb shorts.

Review | Blue Beetle #1

Tony Bedard gleans from Green Lantern and Archie.

Review | Red Lanterns #1

Loads of rage, very little substance.

Review | Mister Terrific #1

Mister Terrific doesn't quite reach third-smartest comic territory.

Review | Resurrection Man #1

This new book needs the defibrillator already.

Review | Legion Lost #1

Legion Lost lives up to its name.

Review | Superboy #1

The clone of the clone holds some promise.

Roundtable Review | Batwoman #1

Gorgeous art, mediocre writing, a little T&A

Review | Deathstroke #1

Deathstroke almost has us at the tip of his improbable sword.

Review | Animal Man #1

Jeff Lemire revives a DC myth and freaks everyone out.

Review | Detective Comics #1

One of DC's signature titles is off to a strong start.

Review | Men of War #1

The war comic returns, with mixed results.

Review | Static Shock #1

DC's New 52 has its first teenage hero.

Review | Stormwatch #1

The Wildstorm team invades the DC Universe.

Review | Swamp Thing #1

Scott Snyder hits the reboot's first home run.

Review | Justice League #1

The first salvo in DC's new 52 misses the mark.

DC Comics reboots

Does DC’s new strategy fortell the end of print? Local retailers react.

Review | The Fury of Firestorm, The Nuclear Men #1

Firestorm is appropraiately up and down.

Review | Superman #1

George Perez is already off this title.

Review | Voodoo #1

Monsters, strippers and failure.

Review | Supergirl #1

Supergirl needs help! Because she's a girl!

Review | Batman #1

Another Bat title, and another winner.

Roundtable Review | All Star Western #1

Jonah Hex is back, this time in Gotham City.

Review | Green Lantern Corps #1

Guy Gardner and John Stewart hold it down.

Review | Captain Atom #1

Captain Atom doesn't disappoint, or thrill, particularly.

Review | Red Hood and the Outlaws #1

Red Hood is back. Should you care? In a word, nope.

Review | Suicide Squad #1

Torture: It's all in good fun now.

Review | Grifter #1

Wildstorm's trademark character enters the DCU.

Review | Batman and Robin

Father and son both have issues, but this #1 doesn't.

Review | Green Lantern #1

Green Lantern reboots right back where it left off.

Review | Demon Knights #1

DC gets both medieval and bloggy on us.

Review | Frankenstein #1

Lemire has another winner.

Review | Green Arrow #1

Smallville lives…unfortunately.

Review | Justice League International #1

JLI takes being "all over the map" a little too literally.

Review | Batwing #1

Winick and Oliver deliver a surprisingly good book.

Review | O.M.A.C. #1

Putting the action in action comics.

Review | Hawk & Dove #1

Rob Liefeld returns to his roots with another shot at Hawk & Dove.

Review | Batgirl #1

Barbara Gordon is back, no pun intended.

Review | Action Comics #1

Grant Morrison scores mostly positive marks during our roundtable.

Justice League artist Jim Lee | Interview

The JL artist talks reboot and the future of comics.

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