Best Bar with a Restaurant Attached | Eat Out Awards 2013



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Trenchermen Photograph: Martha Williams

The Bar at Trenchermen

Don’t interpret this as a back-handed compliment—Trenchermen is an amazing restaurant. What makes it even more impressive is that brothers Pat and Mike Sheerin invested so much care into the bar portion of the space, which is, for restaurants of this caliber, often restricted to a few paltry seats. The Sheerins clearly had grander ambitions, building a big bar room full of ingenious details, from Tona Palomino’s unostentatious and brilliant cocktails to the brothers’ playful bar snacks (housemade beef jerky, pastrami ramen with mustard noodles) to Kevin Heisner’s inspired two-tiered bar-top, which gives diners double the average space for those drinks and dishes. 2039 W North Ave (773-661-1540).

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