Biggest Threat to Chipotle | Eat Out Awards 2013



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Photograph: Sarah Lawhead


We’ve heard of places calling themselves the Indian Chipotle, the Lebanese Chipotle, even the Brazilian Chipotle—every start-up restaurateur wants in on the chain’s make-your-own wrap/bowl success. Our choice for most likely to give Chipotle a run for its money is this Greek street-food spot, which not only mimics the Mexican-food giant in its customize-it-yourself concept (here applied to outstanding gyros) but also in its ethics, using antibiotic- and hormone-free meat that’s hand-packed onto a slow-roasting spit, yielding chunks of crispy and juicy lamb, beef, pork and chicken. In other words: Chipotle, watch your back! 1482 N Milwaukee Ave (312-626-2660).

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