Chicago Food Truck Guide

Track the 50-plus food trucks roaming the streets.



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    Curry Cruiser

    Flatbread roll-ups of regional Indian cuisine, off the road until late spring

  • Photograph: Martha Williams


    Falafel Brothers

    Veg-friendly wraps, currently being upgraded. Relaunch expected in a few months

    Enemy Kitchen

    Iraqi dishes, still trucking after debuting at the art exhibit “Feast”

  • Photograph: Dave Rentauskas


    MoJo Express

    Coffee for University of Chicago kids

    Isla de Cafe

    Stationary Cuban coffee and sandwich truck in Humboldt Park


    Brown Bag Lunch Truck
    Meaty sandwiches traversing the Loop

    Chubby Wieners Wiener Wagon

    Hot dogs and slops (sandwiches) via the Lincoln Square restaurant


    Breakfast, sandwiches and more from the café


    No longer operated by Matt Maroni, but still making occasional stops

    Haute Sausage

    Gamey hot dogs, reopens in March/April

    Banh mi
    , rolling everywhere from Ravenswood to Merch Mart

    Schnitzel King

    Breaded pork and chicken sandwiches

    The Slide Ride

    Burger, Cubano and other sliders


    Sandwiches without the i

    Ste Martaen

    Vegan sandwiches and wraps

    The Wagyu Wagon

    Burgers featuring the high-end meat; operates occasionally


    Chi Town Tamale

    Late-night tamale slingers

    Tamale Foodie

    Quirkily flavored tamale slingers

    The Tamale Spaceship

    Masked tamale slingers


    Caponies Express

    Pizza, arancini, etc. from Caponies Trattoria

    Getta Polpetta

    Meatball sandwiches, plus sliders

    Two Italians

    Calzones and meatball sandwiches

  • Photograph: Martha Williams


    Big Star Food Truck

    Future in flux; in Big Star’s parking lot for now

    Dokkaebi Tacos

    Soon-to-launch Korean tacos

    La Adelita

    Tortas and tacos

    Taquero Fusion

    Beef, chicken and veggie tacos

  • Photograph: Dave Rentauskas


    Bridgeport Pasty

    Teensy electric car hawking handheld savory pies

    5411 Empanadas

    Handheld beef, spinach, ham and chicken savory pies

    Pleasant House Bakery

    Savory pies from the Bridgeport restaurant


    Beavers Donuts

    Coffee and doughnuts in the Loop, weekdays from 7–10am

    Cupcakes for Courage

    Proceeds go toward cancer research.

    Flirty Cupcakes

    Proud member of the Food Truck O.G.s

    Gigi’s Bake Shop

    A cupcake truck

    The More Mobile

    Fancy cupcakes

    Sugarpie Cafe

    Cupcakes and cookies

    Sweet Ride

    Puddings, cupcakes and cake pops

    Sweetie Cakes

    Cupcakes in the Loop and U. of C.

  • FRO-YO

    Culture: The Yogurt Society

    Roving fro-yo from the former Berry Chill owner

    Forever Yogurt

    The self-serve chain’s occasional mobile fro-yo enterprise

    Kefir Truck

    To each fro-yo spot its own food truck.

  • Photograph: Taylor Castle


    Chicago All Fired Up

    The O.G. of Chicago food trucks, often M.I.A.

    Flavor 180

    Chicken and turkey entrées from the South Loop restaurant

    Lillie’s Q Meat Mobile

    Pulled pork or chicken sandwiches from the Wicker Park barbecue spot

    The Roost

    Fried chicken and biscuits

    The Southern Mac

    Cary Taylor’s mobile mac and cheese

  • Photograph: Tim Burkhart


    E-Dogz Mobile Culinary Community Center
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    Eric May’s art-project-meets-food-truck

    Fido to Go

    Food truck for dogs

    Glutton Force Five

    Competitive eating on wheels

    Hummingbird Kitchen

    Pioneering Evanston-based kitchen on wheels

    Meatloaf A-Go-Go

    Gourmet ground-meat “cupcakes”

    Soups in the Loop

    Just like it sounds

    Wow Bao

    Dumplings on wheels, generally avoids the Loop

    Don Rafa
    Burritos and more from the South Side restaurant

  • R.I.P.

    Alexander Beetle Bakeshop
    Short-lived sweets wagon

    Bang Bang Pie and Coffee Show
    Grew into Logan Square’s Bang Bang Pie Shop

    The Cupcake Gallery
    Briefly a lunch truck before calling it quits

    Happy Bodega
    Long-gone member of the food-truck O.G.s

    Homage Street Food
    No more SPAM musubi, at least not on wheels

    Mama Green’s Gourmet Goodies
    Another M.I.A. dessert vehicle

    Phillip Foss shut it down to focus on EL Ideas.

    Simple Sandwich
    We still miss the chocolate chip cookies.

    Sweet Miss Giving’s
    Closed French Market location and no sign of truck

    Sweet Spot Macarons
    Much-hyped French treat truck

    Zullo’s Food Truck
    Now doing fullservice catering

    Pecan and Charlie’s
    Cupcakes from the Western Suburbs could not afford to stay in business with new fees

    The Curried Mobile
    No more Indian staples from Curried, a quick-serve spot

    Would sell steak and other sandwiches

    Bergstein’s NY Deli
    Can't service Chicago due to city permits, does local stops at business parks


Curry Cruiser

Flatbread roll-ups of regional Indian cuisine, off the road until late spring

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