Least Annoying Food Trend of 2013



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Least annoying food trend of 2013: Fried Chicken

Least annoying food trend of 2013: Fried Chicken Clayton Hauck

Fried chicken

Bird was the word in 2013, and there was so much great fried chicken that it’s hard to complain about its ubiquity. Honey Butter Fried Chicken opened its doors (finally!), Parson’s Chicken & Fish began serving bird with fiery housemade hot sauce, and Endgrain launched the best chicken dinner of the year, while favorites like Pecking Order, Crisp and Big Jones continued their run on great fried chicken. With Jared Van Camp’s Leghorn on the horizon, this trend is poised to continue straight into 2014.
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Chef collaborations, doughnuts and cronuts, kimchi on everything

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