Most Watchable Series Since Mad Men | Eat Out Awards 2013



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Lula Cafe

Lula Cafe Photograph: Martha Williams

Lula Breakfast Sandwich Series

All right, it’s no Sophie’s Choice, but why is it so hard to decide what to eat for brunch? First, there’s the question of sweet or savory. Then the details: eggs scrambled or over easy? Bloody Mary or mimosa? This is an hour way too early to be making such challenging decisions. Hence our gratitude for Lula’s breakfast sandwich “series,” in which a rotating sandwich, always dubbed “the Royale,” is the obvious answer to our perennial indecision. No matter what is on this thing—fried soft-shell crab, corned beef, a pork chop—it is a monument to Lula’s greatness, to excess and to the plain truth that there is no ingredient that can’t be improved by placing it between two slices of bread. 2537 N Kedzie Blvd (773-489-9554).

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