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Table setting at Next

Table setting at Next Photograph: Martha Williams

This week, Grant Achatz opens the doors to his follow-up to Alinea, the appropriately titled Next (953 W Fulton Market). Antithetical to Alinea in menu (the opening offerings are all classic French dishes), Next is no less innovative than its predecessor: The restaurant will undergo a complete transformation—food, concept, tableware—every three months, and reservations are handled through an online ticketing system, where the entry fee covers tax, tip and everything else. Opening soon after Next (and directly next door) is the Aviary, Achatz’s cocktail lounge. Alinea in cocktail form, the barless lounge will focus on drinks made in a modern manner (as well as Alinea-like bar snacks). To explore one such cocktail, or to meet the men behind the Aviary and Next, click through. (If it's an actual taste of Next and the Aviary you want…get in line.)

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