The Rising Star Award | Eat Out Awards 2013



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Bavette's Photograph: Martha Williams

The bread at Bavette’s

We’re game for modernizing the dining experience (if only we’d invented the program that texts you when your table’s ready!). But there’s one innovation we’re still not fully on board with: charging for bread. Not only does Brendan Sodikoff’s alluring steakhouse buck that trend, the complimentary bread it serves is one of the best loaves made in Chicago. Bread baker Kristina Mack makes the oversize country bread entirely by hand; her masterful technique yields rustic loaves with a slight sourdough twang, impressive hole structure and a gorgeous, crackly, burnished crust that reminds us of San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery. 218 W Kinzie St (312-624-8154).

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