Next Restaurant, Alinea and Aviary: Reviews, previews, more

We've spilled a lot of ink over the Achatz universe. Here it is, all in one place.



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Chef Grant Achatz

Chef Grant Achatz Photograph: Aaron Corey

Tasting Notes: Next Trio

The menu brings Trio, a long-closed Evanston restaurant, back to life—for a price

Tasting notes: Next: Chinese Modern

The new menu at Next Restaurant is far from traditional, but oh-so delicious

The best cocktail in Chicago right now: the Jungle Bird at the Aviary

The layered cocktail includes two rums, plus spherified rum balls that pop in your mouth

Tasting notes: Next: Chicago Steak

The current menu attempts to re-create a steakhouse from the mid-20th century

Preview: Chicago Steak

Dave Beran talks about the menu inspiration.

Spinning Plates goes behind the scenes at Alinea

Learn what drives Grant Achatz's creative process.

Next Bocuse d'Or: restaurant review

Next reimagines the French Bocuse d'Or cooking competition with Midwestern flavors.

Next Vegan: menu preview

Chef Dave Beran's ambitious new menu explores the possibilities of vegetables at Next.

Eleven Madison Park takes over Alinea

Inside the EMP takeover of Alinea.

Inside Next El Bulli: the service (part 1 of 3)

A behind the scenes look at the Spanish dinner.

Inside Next El Bulli: the drinks (part 2 of 3)

The pairings for the Spanish meal.

Inside Next El Bulli: the food (part 3 of 3)

The famed Spanish restaurant comes to Chicago.

The Aviary’s sassafras cocktail

It's not what it seems.

Next Kyoto: behind the menu

Chef Dave Beran had a vision for Next’s kaiseki menu. All he needed was 650 maple leaves.

Next Sicily: tasting notes

With its foray into Italy, Next manages to maintain its thrills.

Grant Achatz on Next's El Bulli menu

The famed Spanish restaurant, reimagined for Chicago.

Andy Ricker takes Next's tour of Thailand

A night at Grant Achatz's restaurant with America's preeminent Thai chef.

Aviary cocktails and serviceware

A sneak preview of four prototype glasses and the drinks that will fill them.

Ask the critics: tipping at Next and more

TOC’s critics answer your foodiest questions.

Next Paris 1906: restaurant review

  • Rated as: 5/5

Grant Achatz giveth. And Grant Achatz taketh away.

  1. 953 W Fulton Market St, (between Morgan and Sangamon Sts)
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Martin Kastner: Aviary's glass master

The serviceware designer will transform the way you consume cocktails.

Next server fails, world explodes

Choice comments from Next's Facebook page.

The Aviary: bar review

  • Rated as: 4/5

Grant Achatz’s cocktails go to your head.

  1. 955 W Fulton Market St, (at Morgan St)
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Inside Next's reservation system

It's not going to be easy to get in.

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