Riot Fest

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Humboldt Park

Fri Sep 12
- Sun Sep 14

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Riot Fest Chicago

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  • Name:

    Humboldt Park

  • Address:

    Humboldt Park 1400 N Sacramento Ave
    Humboldt Park

  • Cross Street:

    at North Ave

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  • Transport:

    Bus: 52, 70, 72.

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    1. Humboldt Park
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    Music festivals. Events & Festivals. Music

Riot Fest 2014

  • Date Time Price information
  • Fri Sep 12
    $149.98, VIP $249.98
  • Fri Sep 12
    $149.98, VIP $249.98

    In a sprawling park on the city's west side, replete with circus attractions, Riot Fest prides itself on being punk. It's bookings are as diverse as "punk" is difficult to define. There's mall-punk, hardcore, emo, goth, metal, thrash, new-wave, rap, gray-haired indie and sometimes Blondie. The Replacements and Elvis Costello have headlined in the past. The bill typically reads like the CDs that were piled on the floor of your used Buick in high school. Does this mean you have to learn how to skate all over again? Couldn't hurt. On second thought, it totally could. Brent DiCrescenzo, Managing Editor, Time Out Chicago

  • Sat Sep 13
    $149.98, VIP $249.98
  • Sun Sep 14
    $149.98, VIP $249.98

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