Gifts for $10 and less

Holiday gifts perfect for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa.



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  • Vintage tie, $10 at Una Mae�s

  • Periodic beer glass, $9 at

  • Retro blackboard, $8 at

  • Mop slippers, $7.50 at
    Have a slacker brother? Multitasker mom? Both will dig sliding around the house wearing these hard-working kicks.

  • Eat�N Tool, $8 at
    For your outdoorsy boyfriend: Pair this spork/bottle opener/screwdriver/metric wrench with this filter-equipped water bottle.

  • Bobble water bottle, $10 at

  • Cocktail shaker, $8 at CB2
    For that drink lover on your list, make it a double: Combine this sleek shaker with this rubber tray that makes ice straws. Who says the Aviary has to have all the mixology fun?

  • Ice straws, $8 at

  • 4-Some bud vase, $10 at CB2
    Personalize by adding fresh flowers. Or: Skinny candles make a funky candelabra; cool pens and pencils change it to a desk organizer.

  • Eni Puzzle, $10 at Marbles: the Brain Store
    Your fidgety commuter friend will love trying to solve this pocket-size Rubik�s Cube-like brainteaser on the train.

  • Prismatic socks, $8 at

  • I Judge You When You Use Bad Grammar, $10 at
    Drive your copy editor cousin crazy by accompanying this gift with a heartfelt, error-riddled note. Its sure to make there day!

  • Salted Caramel�s Salted Bourbon Caramels, $10 at Provenance

  • Oceanic Hotel Nice eau de toilette, $10 for 50ml at Merz Apothecary
    Your Francophile friend will swoon over this light, crisp scent.

  • Earrings, $8 at Eskell
    A cheap item at an expensive store, like these sparkly studs from Eskell, can fool giftees into thinking you spent a lot more.

  • Christopher Dilts

    Biden can cozy, $10 at
    Include a sixer of Hamm�s, because you know Joe would keep it real with his namesake cozy.

  • Brooklyn Hard Candy, $8.50 at Provenance
    The bottle makes a nice bud vase after the candy�s been gobbled.

  • Vintage CD sleeves, $10 at
    Your Luddite dad�s soon-to-be-obsolete DVDs and CDs can play dress-up to look like an even more antiquated medium.

Vintage tie, $10 at Una Mae�s


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