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STICKER SHOCK When it comes to manicures, I’m a Mademoiselle by Essie kinda girl—a sheer, barely there pink that’s a tiny step up from a totally natural hue. In other words, bor-ing. So it was with some trepidation that I ventured into Bliss Spa (644 N Lake Shore Dr, 312-201-9545) for its new Minx manicure service. Basically, the Minx nail coverings are stickers that come in more than a dozen wacky colors and patterns, from pink cheetah to chrome herringbone to silver and gold fishnet. (The spa will roll out some new options for the holidays.) I settled on a cheerful/goth black with silver polka dots print. After all, if I was going to change things up, I was really going to change ’em up. First, the aesthetician prepped my hands and nails by moisturizing, filing and buffing them into clean slates. Next, she waved a sheet of the peelable, flexible films under a bright, warm light (to activate the stickiness), then peeled them off one at a time and very carefully applied them to my nails (matching the shape of my nail exactly), folding them down over the top of each finger. Finally, she filed away the excess sticker to leave a perfect little pattern on each of my nails. It took about 45 minutes and cost $55 (a basic Bliss hot-cream manicure is 35 minutes and $25). In addition to always, always choosing the Mademoiselle hue, I always, always smudge my nails because I’m too impatient to wait the full ten minutes for them to dry. The beauty of Minx? It’s not liquid, so there’s no chipping or waiting to dry. (And you can quickly peel off the stickers a few days later when they start to fray—there’s no sticky residue.) I left the spa feeling empowered: Even though they’re meant for special occasions, my smudge-proof, slightly rocker nails made me feel pretty badass doing decidedly un-badass tasks, like typing away on my white computer keyboard all day.

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