The neighborhoods to buy property in now

Realtors predict which ’hoods will be the next Logan Square.



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Bridgeport Photograph: Braden Nisen

A Michelin-starred tavern. Two new coffee/whiskey cafés. A tiny cocktail bar owned by Charlie Trotter’s former executive chef. A new office for Pitchfork. If Logan Square gets any hipper, it just might combust into a limited-edition screen-printed cloud of waxed mustaches, Ray-Bans and vintage paperbacks. Those who bought real estate in Logan Square a decade ago—back when the tree-lined ’hood was marred with graffiti-clad graystones and mother-in-lawed single-family-homes —were the pioneers of a new frontier. And now that the economy is recovering and the hipsters have spoken, those pioneers are cashing in.

So where are the new new frontiers? We asked a handful of real-estate specialists to examine the evidence and give you the early heads up.

Control ’hood Logan Square
Number of 2-bedroom condos sold in past six months
Average price of 2-bedroom condo
$214,520 list; $204,691 sale

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