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Photograph: Elizabeth Sisson

Whether you’re representing your Irish pride or paying homage to the late Alexander McQueen, the kilt is the essential accessory this season for men bold enough to rock the Celtic tradition. But just as our Clothes encounter guy says, finding the man skirt in the city is no easy feat. Even after a ton of research, we found only two viable options—way outside of the Loop. The Irish Shop (100 N Oak Park Ave, Oak Park, 708-445-1149) offers a classic assortment of kilts for both formal and casual wear. The store, located next door to the Oak Park Green Line stop, has a seasonal line of green kilts for St. Patrick’s Day priced at $36. You’ll also find luxury styles (for weddings, proms, etc.) that go for up to $600. An alternative is the Scottish Shop (6115 S Archer Rd, Summit, 708-594-5773), which offers designer kilt rentals and tailoring. For the record, Irish kilts are actually based on the Scottish garment but traditionally a solid color. So, if you’re dressing up on Wednesday 17, pair your solid kilt with an embroidered sweater for an authentic Irish look. But if you’re okay with being confused for a Scot, plaid patterns can be fun, too.

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