Heard on the street, January 10, 2013, edition

Funny quotes overheard in Chicago.



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  • "He's got a face for radio, not for dating."

  • "Scrabble makes me want to rip my flesh off, but I love it."

  • "If you can afford transgender surgery, you can certainly afford a cup of hot chocolate."

  • "An alarming amount of guys I've dated paint miniatures."

  • "She used to be a piece of ass."

  • "I hate white chocolate!" "Why? Are you racist?"

  • "I'm on way more pills than you are."

  • "Nicole Richie is adopted? I just thought Lionel Richie's girlfriend was really hot and canceled him out."

  • "Japan was the China of the '80s."

  • "It's rub-it-in-your-crotch good."

  • "She's a smart girl and successful�she's just a whore."

  • "Can we be old fuckers?"

  • "I could've stayed longer, but I drank too much with my meds."

"He's got a face for radio, not for dating."


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