Things to do in Chicago: Your guide to the city's best activities

Whether you're a local or tourist, make the most of this city with your checklist of quintessential things to do in Chicago.



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CAF River Cruise

CAF River Cruise

Looking for things to do in Chicago? We've got you. This is, after all, what we spend the live-long day doing: seeking out the coolest stuff in our city to share with you-everything from must-see Chicago attractions, parks, museums and tours to the best art galleries, brunch spotsfood trucks and comedy clubs. If you're a seasoned Chicagoan, you might feel that, sightseeing-wise, you've bean there, done that. But read on: Our to-dos are designed to appeal to both first-time visitors and experienced Windy Citizens. Besides classic experiences, such as exploring Millennium Park and eating a Chicago-style dog, you'll find some insider-y, more off-the-beaten-path suggestions, too. Now get out there and get doin'.

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Orin K
Orin K

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