Road trips: Milwaukee’s best

Local experts help us craft the ultimate insider’s guide to Brew City.



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Milwaukee bars

The city’s tiki lounges, classic cocktail bars and German beer halls are genuine classics.

Milwaukee classic bowling alleys

Rolling with Milwaukee’s quirky, historic lanes.

Milwaukee LGBT nightlife

With the right friends, the queer scene offers good, gay times.

Milwaukee farm-to-table restaurants

Eating through Cream City’s quietly sustainable restaurant movement.

Milwaukee music clubs

Breakout bands from a nurturing scene, plus ample venues make Brew City rock.

Milwaukee Art Museum

A 90-minute tour with Inova gallery curator Nicholas Frank.

Milwaukee Public Market

With your hosts, chefs Kurt Fogle and Matt Haase of Distil.

Miller Park

Discover the best eats, seats and tailgating tricks at the home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Milwaukee pizza-eating challenge

Taking on a 12-pound pizza.

Milwaukee Summerfest vs. Taste of Chicago

Which summer fest should you attend?

Getting to Milwaukee

For one writer, the journey trumps the destination.

Milwaukee summer fairs, fests and museum shows

Time your visit to one of these happenings.

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