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The 15 best things to do in Milwaukee

Beer n' sausage: It's the first thing that will pop into anybody's mind when considering Wisconsin's largest city. Maybe Harley-Davidson, possibly Happy Days, or whichever your dad’s preference was between Blatz or Schlitz. And there we go again. It’s hard to escape the preconceived notions of the hugely Polish, German, blue collar, big-eating, proudly hard-drinking people in this city. But Milwaukee today is also a burgeoning lakefront 'burg boasting big city amenities without the headaches of a metropolis (we're looking at you, Chicago). Here you can park anywhere, you can live in the hippest 'hood in town without a trust fund, and visitors too have no barrier of access to a patchwork of low-key neighborhood hangouts, a bombastic music festival, and plenty of old world cream city brick charm mixing with an easy-going industriousness (streetcar coming soon!). Of course, Milwaukee also still has plenty of beer and sausage, so be sure to check out the city's best restaurants.    Done something on this list and loved it? Share it with the hashtag #TimeOutDoList and tag @TimeOutEverywhere. Find out more about how Time Out selects the very best things to do all over the world.

The 17 best restaurants in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is one of the Midwest’s lesser-known culinary gems. With deep German roots and a Native American name, the city is a small melting pot of American culture that’s continuing to gain attention from out-of-towners. It’s no surprise that their food scene is getting the same recognition. Set alongside the Milwaukee River and on the southern end of Lake Michigan, there is always somewhere to park yourself with a good beer whether it’s on a rooftop bar in the summertime or in a local supper club to escape the winter chill. Either way, ordering up a cold beer is a can't-miss thing to do in a city that's known for its breweries. If you haven’t been, it’s worth a weekend trip for you, your wallet and your palate.

The 9 best Milwaukee hotels

Milwaukee offers plenty of excuses to plan a visit: a phenomenal art museum, lots of craft beer, a vibrant public market, stellar coffee shops and more beer. And that’s not all: there are also an excellent range of Milwaukee hotels, including trendy accommodations, historical properties and interesting boutiques—all of which put visitors within walking distance of some of the city’s top attractions. Here are the best places to rest your head after a long day of brewery-hopping in Milwaukee.

Stay in these amazing Airbnb Milwaukee rentals

Just a 90-minute drive (or Amtrak ride) north of Chicago, Milwaukee is a great destination for an overnight getaway. The city shares one of the former’s greatest resources—Lake Michigan—and sports some incredible things to do: world-class museums, top-notch theater and, of course, some mighty fine beer. Whether you’re heading up for a Cubs-Brewers game, the massive music binge that is Summerfest or to drink your way through a few brewery tours, consider staying at these supercool Milwaukee Airbnb apartments and homes for a unique experience. RECOMMENDED: Full guide to the best Milwaukee hotels