Winter road trips

Forget that trip to Cancún (you're too old to party with spring breakers at Señor Frog's anyway): The getaway you seek is right under your chilly nose. From catching air at a snowboard park to catching up on your sleep in a rustic log cabin, these Midwest road trips feed your need to leave the city.



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College towns

Hanging out in a college town as a nonstudent can be a blast, especially when you're not on that ramen budget anymore.

Snow sport getaways

You don't take your vacations sitting down-a winter getaway has to involve skis, sleds, snow and a surge of adrenaline.

Winter spa getaways

The best relaxing Midwestern resorts and hotels for a winter getaway.

Quaint and quirky winter getaways

Escape traffic, smog and other urban irritations for these quaint and quirky getaways.

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