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    Heineken wants to send you to New York

    Tue Sep 2

    As cliché as it sounds, everybody wants to go to New York. Now, here’s your chance. Heineken's latest global campaign, 'Cities of the World', aims to promote urban dwellers like us to venture out and get acquainted with the city, and they're sweetening the deal with a trip to New York. So how do you get started? Firstly, grab any limited edition Heineken beers of six global cities (New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam, London or Kuala Lumpur); log on to and simply enter the code found under the bottle cap before you can begin playing the Heineken guessing game. You will have to identify a few locations within an image and every correct answer brings you closer to winning that dream trip to New York for your own lifetime adventure with a friend. On top of that, you can also check out Heineken’s ‘Find Out Where’s Hot Now’ to find the five best places listed nearby your vicinity. Folks, it’s time to step out from the mundane routine. The...

    Merdeka 2014 ads to watch

    Fri Aug 29

    A still from 'A Walk Through Time' by Petronas

    A still from 'A Walk Through Time' by Petronas

    We celebrate 57 years of independence on Sunday, and it wouldn’t be Merdeka without local corporate giants rolling out tear-inducing ads. Here are four of our favourites ‘Malaysia. We are Family’ by DigiWe might take it for granted, but there’s something incredibly touching about the way we Malaysians hail each other as family members. The folks behind this heart-warming Digi ad thought so too (and they weren’t the only ones, as you’ll see in a minute). We follow a social experiment in which a man calls total strangers names like ‘auntie’, ‘macha’, ‘anne’, ‘bro’ and ‘adik’ to see if they respond. 'It’s okay. We’re Family' by MaxisYeah, we noticed it too: Maxis and Digi put out Merdeka ads with the exact same theme. This time we follow Tim Sharp, an expat living in KL, as he realises that total strangers are calling him ‘brother’, and tries out the custom for himself – with some hilarious results. ‘Great families think alike,’ says...

    Now open (for dinner): Sitka

    Fri Aug 29

    Photo: Hizwan Hamid

    Sitka, one of 2014’s most promising restaurants, is now serving dinner. Led by Christian Recomio, the ‘test’ kitchen is producing exciting things on the weekends using produce that is painstakingly sourced from local highlands and waters. While Sitka’s brunch side of things features more familiar items like lobster rolls and chickpea salads, dinnertime is serious playtime for Christian. Pick from a limited selection of starters, mains and desserts but if we could gently nudge you towards the right direction, you’d want to start with the seasonal English classic: mackerel served with gooseberries, made elegant with an accompanying quenelle of smoked almond puree cut with housemade crème fraiche. That is, if you haven’t already filled yourself with complimentary breads, served with an unbearably light cloud of whipped beef fat butter. Meanwhile, the hay ash-smoked beef is an up on beef tartare, and comes with pickled yolk in an eggshell bowl plated on a nest of hay (a...

    11 things that make us Malaysian

    Fri Aug 29

    Pasembur at Rojak Mustaffa. Photo: Stacy Liu

    Pasembur at Rojak Mustaffa. Photo: Stacy Liu

    Happy 57th, Malaysia! 1. We eat round the clockHobbits have elevenses, while we have... no sense of time. Kopi at ten, rojak at four, dim sum at nine, roti canai at three (in the morning). For Malaysians, any time is dinner time. Eating is a national sport; we get all the practice we can. Just look at the 24-hour mamaks. 2. We make family trees like no otherWe actually got the same idea before watching the Merdeka ads from two major telcos (good job guys, we love those ads!). Whether we're calling strangers aunty, uncle, abang, kak, bro, adik, or macha, this everyone-is-family phenomenon is what makes us feel at home. 3. Our English teachers hate usAs we butcher the English language to suit our purposes (gostan, anyone?), the exclusive Manglish vocabulary is a testament to our linguistic talents as a nation. Cuba try? 4. For Asia’s most obese nation, we sure are obsessed with watching sports If there's one man who can bring unity to the nation, it’s Dato’ Lee Chong Wei (although...

    Updated: Uber KL is illegal, say reports; Uber releases official statement

    Thu Aug 28

    Update (Aug 29)Uber KL has since released a statement on its blog in response to media reports,  calling upon the government and NGO officials to engage in a dialogue with them to better understand how innovation 'can help transform KL's transportation system'. 'The Deputy President of Gabungan Persatuan dan Syarikat-Syarikat Teksi Semenanjung Malaysia took to the media with [the] Executive Director of Sunlight Radio Taxi Service Sdn Bhd to try and scare Malaysians away from Uber. So we think it’s a good time to clarify a few facts, ' read the statement, which listed Uber's core beliefs but did not directly address claims that its drivers and vehicles are without the appropriate licenses. Read the full statement here.*Local daily The Sun reported today that transport service app Uber has been declared illegal by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), as its use of private vehicles to carry fare-paying passengers is an offence under the Land Public Transport Act 2010....

    Contest: Win passes to David Blaine 'Real or Magic' Asia Tour 2014

    Wed Aug 27

    World renowned street magician and endurance artist David Blaine's maiden Asian tour sees a stop in KL this September 5. The American illusionist is best known for his mind-blowing endurance stunts like 'Frozen in Time' (in which he remained frozen in a block of ice for 72 hours), 'Vertigo' (where he stood for 44 hours on a 22-inch platform) and 'Human Aquarium' (in which he spent seven days in a water-filled sphere), as well as TV specials 'David Blaine: Street Magic' and 'David Blaine: Magic Man'. Blaine's KL debut will be a 90-minute live performance featuring his best stage illusions and endurance stunts. Open to all ages.For event info, see listing. Questions1. Where will David Blaine 'Real or Magic' Asia Tour 2014 be held in KL?a. Putra Indoor Stadiumb. Shah Alam Stadiumc. Stadium Merdekad. Stadium Negara 2. In which year did David Blaine break the world record by holding his breath underwater for 17 minutes and four and a half seconds?a. 2007b. 2008c. 2009d. 2010 3....

    Get a cup of teh tarik for only five sen this Merdeka Day

    Wed Aug 27

    On August 31, Teh Tarik Place lets you have a cup at a 1957 price Ditch your flat whites for a cup of teh tarik this Sunday, because you'll be able to enjoy it at a special 1957 price of five sen. Local chain Teh Tarik Place's one-day promotion welcomes everyone to have a cup or two (or more) of teh tarik at the same price our parents paid in 1957. Being Malaysians, we can't resist a good deal, so we suggest you head down early to any of Teh Tarik Place's 12 outlets to enjoy as many cups as you want. You should Instagram a frothy cup of teh tarik for a change.For a list of outlets, visit Offer valid for dine-in only. Latest blog posts

    The top 40 bars in KL - September issue out now

    Tue Aug 26

    Featuring the city's best bars with a view, speakeasies, resto-bars and more This September, it’s time to get into the spirit of KL’s vibrant nightlife scene with our roundup of the best bars in KL for every occasion. Get the lowdown on the city’s top resto-bars, speakeasies, bars with the best views and more. Latest blog posts Aside from bars, we’re also giving you an education on steak. In our comprehensive guide, learn all about the different cuts and types of beef as explained by experts, then find out where you can enjoy a good steak with our list of best steakhouses in KL by budget. In Food, we welcome back Mid-Autumn Festival and mooncakes this month. If you tire of the usual flavours, we highlight six durian mooncakes you should try, as well as the best mooncake packaging this year and places you can buy the seasonal treat. Also in Food: top 5 cooking classes, restaurant reviews and the latest café and coffee bar openings. In Shopping & Style, get in on the...

    Reviewed: Good Vibes Festival 2014

    Mon Aug 25

    Missed the show on Saturday? Here's a recap of the one-day (rainy) festival featuring Ellie Goulding, Banks, Empire of the Sun and !!! (Chk Chk Chk) The second instalment of Good Vibes Festival at Sepang International Kart Circuit started out sunny enough, allowing festival goers to lounge on raised decks, face their fear of heights at Hotlink’s Bagjump and shop for merchandise. Even though dark clouds and rain hovered throughout the event, the approximately 8,000-strong crowd kept the atmosphere high for headliners Banks, Empire of the Sun, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and Ellie Goulding. Here’s a recap: Drenched but not dampened When the doors opened, people trickled in anticipating a warm, sunny evening of festival fun. The excited buzz was mellowed by the sudden downpour two hours later, which had everybody crammed around the only covered stage – Heineken Starclub (Green Stage) – to wait out the storm by catching live sets by some of KL's best local DJs. The heavy rain eventually...

    Good Vibes Festival 2014: Attractions

    Fri Aug 22

    Bass Sekolah

    Bass Sekolah

    Hotlink’s BagjumpLast year it was reverse bungee jumping; this year, there's Hotlink’s Bagjump, which is kind of like bungee jumping – only without a harness and you land on a 'cloud of air' to break your fall (okay fine, it's actually a giant airbag). Face your fear of heights or feel the thrill of falling – take your pick. Bagjump is made for all ages.Red Bull X Good Vibes #givesyouwiiingsRed Bull is taking things off stage and making them more personal. These pop-up gigs will happen at random spots around festival grounds, so we suggest you keep your eyes and ears out for performances by They Will Kill Us All, The Impatient Sisters, Bass Sekolah, OJ Law, Kopigo, Hulkas, Jhin and A-Marq. Also, if you see random B-boys dancing, that would be the guys from Giler Battle Crew and Wakaka. Heineken Starclub Featuring landscaped bars and chill-out areas, this dynamic space will provide shade during the day and the ultimate party under the stars at night. On the lineup are DJ acts...

    Good Vibes Festival 2014: How to get to Sepang Go-Kart Circuit

    Thu Aug 21

    Photo: All Is Amazing

    Not driving to the festival? Here's how you can get there More on the blog If you are heading to the festival without a car this weekend (and you can't find anyone to carpool with), fear not because there are many ways for you to get there and back. Here are some options you can consider.By taxi via MyTeksi The organisers have partnered with MyTeksi again to give you the best rates to and from the venue, so this is the most recommended form of transport. Download the MyTeksi app on your phone and book a ride through the app to enjoy special rebates. Upon arrival, drop by the MyTeksi booth to redeem your RM20 cash-back anytime between 5pm to 12midnight. Find out more here. By train You can take the KLIA Transit to go to KLIA with a package rate of RM12.50. Just purchase the KLIA Transit ticket at the counter.  With this package you will get off at Salak Tinggi, then get on the bus to KLIA and take a taxi from there. Keep in mind that the last bus from KLIA to Salak Tinggi...

    Good Vibes Festival 2014: Things to bring

    Thu Aug 21

    Your guide on what to bring (and what not to bring) to survive the sun, sweat and rain We've been seeing a fair amount of festivals in Sepang so surely we all know the drill when it comes to festival getup: Light, airy and comfy with no heels or leather jackets. But just in case you need reminding, here are some things you should pack or leave at home for the best festival experience: Ticket Perhaps the most important item on this list. Cash There won't be any ATMs at the venue, so bring enough cash to buy food, drinks and some cool band/festival merchandise. If you plan to shop at the bazaar, bring more cash but remember to keep it secure (but maybe not in a fanny pack?). Hand sanitiser or wet wipes Must we remind you again? This doesn't need explaining. You need hand sanitiser. They come in small bottles that can fit in your pocket. Bring it. Another (slightly less masculine) option would be wet wipes. And tissue. Sunglasses and sunblock If you're rocking up at 3.30pm when the...

    Get food and drink discounts on

    Wed Aug 20

    Let's admit it – we all want the best offers and promotions in town when it comes to food. The cheaper it is the better, especially with food prices going up. Enter, a website that gives you discounts (up to 40 percent off) and the latest promotions 24/7 from its list of restaurants without paying anything upfront.So how does it work? Simply register for free as a member and start sourcing. The easy and clean website layout will allow you to pick your location, cuisine and price to suit every budget out there. Once you have selected your deal, proceed to select the number of diners attending (you're allowed a maximum of ten), date and time on the page. And that's all folks. A confirmation booking will be sent to your email. Don't forget to show it on the day you visit to enjoy your discount.Currently, 60 restaurants are listed around the Klang Valley but this number is expected to grow. The good thing about is that it's linked to Google maps so you can Waze...

    Good Vibes Festival 2014: Local acts to watch

    Wed Aug 20

    You all know about the festival's international headliners, so here we pick some of the local acts you shouldn't miss +2dB6pm, Blue Stage The Penang-born duo is perhaps most well-known for their ethereal ‘Get Lucky/Doin’ it Right’ Daft Punk cover-mashup last year, which gained traction on national radio and the blogosphere. +2dB translates the electronic wizardry of Purity Ring and the less-is-more ethos of The xx into a remarkably accessible package of eerie dance music.Listen to: ‘Islands’ and ‘Run' (featuring VMPRMYTH). Faiq & The Manja Mob 5pm, Blue Stage The quirky five-piece may be relatively new to the music scene, but we only see great things happening for them (landing a set at Good Vibes Festival after less than a year of playing small gigs is a big achievement). Describing themselves as a 'whimsical cover band', Faiq & the Manja Mob's repertoire of improvised covers include everything from pop and folk to shoegaze. With these guys on stage, a good time is a...

    Shu Ruei brings 'Fruit in Kind' installation to Art for Grabs this weekend

    Tue Aug 19

    Malaysian artist Shu Ruei has spearheaded a rather wicked community art project involving fruit. In collaboration with the Women’s Aid Organisation, she will be collecting fruit from the public at this weekend’s Art for Grabs and creating art out of the yield. After the project, the fruit will be donated to charities of the artist’s choice. To do your part, simply visit the Fruit in Kind installation booth at the festival this weekend with your share of fruit. If you want to donate in bulk, make an appointment with Shu Ruei for a collection date prior to the festival; if you’d rather donate money instead, Shu Ruei will use it to purchase fruit from the Pudu Market towards the cause of the project. To find out what happens to your fruit after the project, and who receives your supply, follow the Fruit in Kind blog. Visit Art for Grabs Latest blog posts

    Video: Kyoto Protocol announce their Good Vibes Festival DJ set theme with ‘Summer Nights’

    Tue Aug 19

    Photo: Lucas Lau

    So the Good Vibes Festival set times are out, and local rock band Kyoto Protocol has given you a reason to be at the Green Stage (Star Club) at 5.15pm. Fuad and co may be giving up a traditional live set in favour of going behind the decks, but a Grease-themed 1950s dance party with Kyoto Protocol at the helm - in the middle of a music festival - sounds just crazy enough to be worthwhile. This promotional video of vocalist Fuad dressed up as John Travolta's Danny Zuko and bassist Shaq as a heavily bearded Sandy Olsson is proof enough. Festival guide Guide to Good Vibes Festival 2014 Set times, transportation info, and more useful tips for the best festival experience. Latest blog posts

    Good Vibes Festival 2014: Set times

    Mon Aug 18



    With just a few more days to go to Good Vibes Festival, organisers Future Sound Asia have finally released the festival schedule. This time you don't have to worry about any major set clashes for the headlining acts (unlike last year's problematic Japandroids-Modest Mouse dilemma), although a little bit of running between stages is necessary – as with all festivals. Besides the anticipated performance by English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding (who closes the show at the Red Stage), Banks is also one to look out for. The electronic, trip hop and R&B artist will bring the alluring sounds of 'Waiting Game' and 'Brains' to the Blue Stage at 8pm.  Also, get excited for what's bound to be a highly flamboyant performance by Empire of the Sun at 9pm (Red Stage) followed by !!! (Chk Chk Chk) at 10pm (Blue Stage).This year, Good Vibes also brings back the Silent Discotek tent, in which two DJs will feed separate streams of music into wireless headphones available to the audience. It's an...

    Reviewed: MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014

    Mon Aug 18

    Photo: Aloysius Lim/MTV Asia

    Over 10,000 fans put their hands up to Thaitanium, Boys Republic, Yuna and B.o.B at the Malaysian leg of the global series last Saturday night The looming dark clouds and rumble of thunder had us worried at first, but they turned out to be empty threats - aside from a light drizzle in the early evening, the only flood we witnessed was the over 10,000-strong crowd entering Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach to catch MTV World Stage Live.Hip hop seemed to be particularly dominant at this year's show. Making their debut on our shores was opening act Thaitanium, in place of Jennifer Hudson, who backed out a little more than two weeks shy of the concert. With rave anthems like 'Wake Up (Bangkok City)' which they titled 'Kuala Lumpur City' for the evening, 'Do What I Say', 'Bong Tong' and 'Put Your Hands Up', the Thai-American outfit commanded the stage in an explosion of energy that further enlivened their tracks' action-filled lyrics. Despite being the lineup latecomers, KHAN, WAY, DAY, BIG CALO...

    Wanted: Time Out interns

    Mon Aug 18

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like working with the fun editorial team at Time Out KL? Well, here's your chance to find out. We’re looking for some quality interns to help us put up more fun, exciting content to our website from September 2014 onwards. Requirements - Fluent in English (both written and spoken). We can’t stress this enough. - Must possess basic computer skills (Google is going to be your best friend). Prior experience with photo editing software (Photoshop, Paint, etc.) is a bonus. - Having good knowledge about KL and its surrounds is encouraged. - You should be friendly, motivated, enthusiastic and open to new challenges. Think you’ve got what it takes? Send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line ‘Editorial intern’. If we like what we see, we’ll call you in for a chat. Good luck! Latest blog posts

    Bar bites: Dogs in a Blanket… & Quilt at The Pound Bar

    Fri Aug 15

    We admit, the name is rather unfortunate. But don’t worry, the 'dogs' in Dogs in a Blanket… & Quilt (RM25 for six pieces) refer to the mini pork sausages, which are wrapped in chived eggs and bacon strips. The entire roll is then deep fried for two minutes until the bacon is crispy and golden, and served with an English mustard dip. It has a crunch and it’s savoury – just the right combo to go with an ice-cold beer. Eat it at The Pound Bar The signature here is its pork burger while the rest of the menu comprises mains like fish and chips, roast beef, pork chop, chicken parmigiana and more. You'll also find some quirky monikers in the menu, from Dirty Doberman (gin, dry vermouth, olive juice) to Mexican Chihuahua (tequila, triple sec, grenadine syrup, orange juice) and Dogs in a Blanket & Quilt (sausage rolls wrapped in streaky bacon and a chive omelette). At this point, you should know that the theme here is 'dog' (think nothing short of doggie portraits on the walls). The...
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