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    Win a Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee machine worth RM899

    Thu Sep 18

    The Coffee and Art Fringe Festival Asia (CAFFA) returns this Sep 26 to 28, providing a platform for coffee appreciation, education and a wealth of coffee drinking opportunities. Launched together with Nescafé, the festival sees coffee tastings, latte art jamming, coffee pairing sessions as well as a mixology competition with coffee specialists. Some of this year’s exhibitors include Coffee Stain by Joseph, Standing Theory, Beans Depot and Coffea Coffee. While coffee holds the spotlight, tea lovers will be sated with tastings and appreciation offered by Sri Lankan tea company Dilmah. Their handpicked, colouring-free tea leaves and flowers range from peppermint and chamomile to oolong and sencha. Also be sure to check out Pop, the Soda!’s booth to grab a bottle of their new Honeydew flavour, which they created especially for the festival.Adding to the buzz at CAFFA is an art bazaar by Tempatan Fest, photography exhibitions, a poetry recital by Numinous, and a doodling...

    Contest: Win 'The Equalizer' premiere screening passes

    Mon Sep 15

    McCall (Denzel Washington) is a former black ops commando who faked his death to lead a quiet life in Boston. When he witnesses a young girl, Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz) being brutally harassed by a group of Russian gangsters, he decides to come out of his self-imposed retirement to rescue her. The incident reawakens his desire for justice, and he seeks to help those who have nowhere else to turn. Opens Sep 25.Questions 1. Who plays Teri in 'The Equalizer'?a. Chloë Grace Moretzb. Dakota Fanningc. Emily Browningd. Shailene Woodley2. What country are the gangsters from in 'The Equalizer'?a. Ukraineb. Chinac. Swedend. Russia3. In the September issue of Time Out KL, the following places are sports bars except...a. SOULed OUTb. Black Bullc. Sid's Pubd. BarlaiThe prizesDouble passes to a special screening of 'The Equalizer' (date and venue will be revealed to winners)How to enterSend your answers to (subject line: TOKL The Equalizer contest) by Sep 19, 2014. Please...

    Go now: Pulau Ketam International Arts Festival 2014

    Thu Sep 11

    Mural aficionados, take note. Beginning September 12 to 21, the unassuming fishing village of Pulau Ketam will be hosting their inaugural arts festival. Throughout the ten-day festival, 40 artists from seven countries will be creating artwork on different corners of the island. Bring your camera along, check out the artists at work and talk to them to know more about the creative process. There is also an art camp for kids, installation art workshops, as well as photography exhibitions. Try the local seafood, oyster omelettes and the fried ice cream. To get around, rent a bike (RM5 per day) or stroll at your leisure. As for how to get to Pulau Ketam, hop on the Pelabuhan Klang-bound KTM at KL Sentral. Get off at the last station (Pelabuhan Klang) and the jetty is just next to the train station. Ferry tickets to the island are RM7 each. For more on the festival, visit Latest blog posts Artists at work, photography exhibitions and oyster omelettes await you

    Out now: The all-new Time Out Malaysia Guide to Eating & Drinking 2014/2015

    Thu Sep 11

    Find the best places to eat and drink around the country – now in a handy new guide This year, Time Out Malaysia launches our newly revamped restaurant guide in a handy new format: Eating & Drinking in Malaysia. Inside, you'll find over 1,500 independent, impartial recommendations for the country's best restaurants, cafés, hawker stalls and mamaks as well as the top places to party, from bars and pubs to clubs. Here's a sneak peek: Find out about our favourite new finds this year, including a quirky steakhouse in Pahang, Modern Chinese fine dining in KL, and an all-vegan café staffed by volunteers in Langkawi. Apart from swanky new restaurants, we explore KL's best meals for sharing. Planning a stylish birthday celebration with friends? Need a spot to catch up with your family over dim sum? Or are you just looking for the right romantic ambience fit for popping the question? This way, please. Moving on to the East Coast, take a walk with us through Chinatown in Kuala Terengganu:...

    Top 5 films to watch at the Japanese Film Festival 2014

    Wed Sep 10

    The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) brings back the Japanese Film Festival to selected GSC outlets with a stellar lineup of movies from the Far East. Their staple of enriching the public’s knowledge of Japan continues to reverberate through the films they present each year and this time is no different. With a wide selection of heart-warming, laugh-out-loud and tearjerker films, here are the top five titles to look out for: Like Father, Like Son (Hirokazu Koreeda, 2013)As a successful architect, Ryota Nonomiya lives a pretty easy lifestyle filled with money and power, but things change when a blood test reveals that his son was switched at birth and doesn’t belong to him. Alongside depicting the struggles of fatherhood, ‘Like Father, Like Son’ evokes a sense of family exploration and personal redemption. It won the Jury Prize at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, at which it was also nominated for the Palme d'Or. The Wind Rises (Hayao Miyazaki, 2013)To end his illustrious...

    Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival: Main attractions

    Tue Sep 9

    The inaugural arts festival takes refuge within the lush greenery of KLPac this weekend. Here are the highlights Two of the biggest arts festivals Malaysia has ever seen held on the same September weekend? Say it isn’t so. Whilst the Kakiseni International Arts Festival returns to the glamorous surroundings of Pavilion KL for a second consecutive year, the inaugural Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival takes refuge within the lush greenery of KLPac. With more than 200 events – ranging from workshops and performances to cultural and contemporary activities – spread out over two days, this free all-ages arts extravaganza is set to capture the city’s imagination. We preview the three main attractions of the eagerly anticipated festival. Performing arts A wide array of fascinating dance and theatrical showcases will be taking place throughout the festival weekend. Chief among them is a compelling series of traditional presentations from each of Malaysia’s 14 states, which is...

    Video: Are Malaysians racist?

    Mon Sep 8

    If someone offered you a million ringgit, would you say a derogratory remark about another race? After their client went with another idea for a Merdeka pitch, local ad agency Naga DDB decided to go ahead with their plan anyway, by conducting a little social experiment to find out if Malaysians really are as racist as the media portrays them. In this video posted by The Malay Mail Online, participants thought they were attending an audition for a short film and were told to repeat some lines 'in the most natural way' possible after the interviewer, oblivious to the fact that the cameras were rolling the entire time. Statements like 'I am Malaysian', 'I love nasi lemak', and 'I love public holidays' were repeated with gusto. However, when the 'script' casually turned to racist statements, watch and see what happens next. Latest blog posts

    Contest: Win 'The Maze Runner' passes and premiums

    Thu Sep 4

    In a post-apocalyptic environment where survival is key, Thomas arises from his slumber and finds himself in ‘The Glade’. Along with 60 other boys, he is forced to pursue an endless search for an exit through the Maze that encompasses their entire surrounding as a new boy emerges every 30 days. When a mysterious girl appears with an even more mysterious note, the true beginning of their journey begins. Opens Sep 11Questions1. When will 'The Maze Runner' be released in Malaysia?a. Sep 9b. Sep 10c. Sep 11d. Sep 122. 'The Maze Runner' is the film adaptation of the sci-fi trilogy by…a. Gillian Flynnb. James Dashnerc. John Greend. Suzanne Collins3. In the September issue of Time Out KL, which cut of beef is prized as steak’s most expensive cut?a. Sirloinb. Porterhousec. Ribeyed. TenderloinThe prizes- 'The Maze Runner' block game- 'The Maze Runner' distressed T-shirt- 'The Maze Runner' maze USB- 'The Maze Runner' tent- 'The Maze Runner' money maze- 'The Maze Runner' notebook- 'The...

    Contest: Win a session of deep-tissue healing massage by CRES

    Wed Sep 3

    Win: A session of deep-tissue healing massage and a bottle of body lotion, each set worth RM369Disrupted circulation of tensed tissues and knotted muscles can lead to aches and restricted movements, but beauty brand CRES has the solution: a deep-tissue healing massage that breaks down blockage and relieves stress and strain. Eschewing the usual hand rubs, this new treatment uses old teak wood as a massage tool to knead and roll the muscles for deep-tissue penetration.Working with different sizes of old teak for various body parts, it maximises the restoration effects of the wood’s natural oil and silica on the body’s electromagnetic field and meridian system. A specialty oil rich in vitamins A, C, D and E is applied, stimulating a detoxification process to improve the skin tone. The treatment best works for people with periodic migraines, muscle pain, stressed calf muscles from wearing high heels, tensed neck, and shoulder tissue and stubborn cellulite.For more information, go to...

    Contest: Win a set of five Universal Music albums

    Wed Sep 3

    Win: A set of five Universal Music albums from Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey and Iggy Azalea, worth RM250Listen up, fans of Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey and Iggy Azalea. Universal Music is giving away albums by these artistes. Throughout their careers, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey have not only released one best-selling album after another, the two have aced the cards in acting and record production as well. Lana Del Rey and Iggy Azalea represent the self-making musicians who continue to storm the charts with singles like 'Summertime Sadness' and 'Fancy' respectively, while Ellie Goulding is the British indie electro-pop vocalist who graced our shores at the recent Good Vibes Festival. Her popular hits include 'Lights' and 'Burn'. For more information, visit or check for the latest updates.Questions 1. The following albums were all released in 2014 except...a....

    Heineken wants to send you to New York

    Tue Sep 2

    As cliché as it sounds, everybody wants to go to New York. Now, here’s your chance. Heineken's latest global campaign, 'Cities of the World', aims to promote urban dwellers like us to venture out and get acquainted with the city, and they're sweetening the deal with a trip to New York. So how do you get started? Firstly, grab any limited edition Heineken beers of six global cities (New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam, London or Kuala Lumpur); log on to and simply enter the code found under the bottle cap before you can begin playing the Heineken guessing game. You will have to identify a few locations within an image and every correct answer brings you closer to winning that dream trip to New York for your own lifetime adventure with a friend. On top of that, you can also check out Heineken’s ‘Find Out Where’s Hot Now’ to find the five best places listed nearby your vicinity. Folks, it’s time to step out from the mundane routine. The...

    11 things that make us Malaysian

    Fri Aug 29

    Pasembur at Rojak Mustaffa. Photo: Stacy Liu

    Pasembur at Rojak Mustaffa. Photo: Stacy Liu

    Happy Malaysia Day! 1. We eat round the clockHobbits have elevenses, while we have... no sense of time. Kopi at ten, rojak at four, dim sum at nine, roti canai at three (in the morning). For Malaysians, any time is dinner time. Eating is a national sport; we get all the practice we can. Just look at the 24-hour mamaks. 2. We make family trees like no otherWe actually got the same idea before watching the Merdeka ads from two major telcos (good job guys, we love those ads!). Whether we're calling strangers aunty, uncle, abang, kak, bro, adik, or macha, this everyone-is-family phenomenon is what makes us feel at home. 3. Our English teachers hate usAs we butcher the English language to suit our purposes (gostan, anyone?), the exclusive Manglish vocabulary is a testament to our linguistic talents as a nation. Cuba try? 4. For Asia’s most obese nation, we sure are obsessed with watching sports If there's one man who can bring unity to the nation, it’s Dato’ Lee Chong Wei (although...

    Now open (for dinner): Sitka

    Fri Aug 29

    Photo: Hizwan Hamid

    Sitka, one of 2014’s most promising restaurants, is now serving dinner. Led by Christian Recomio, the ‘test’ kitchen is producing exciting things on the weekends using produce that is painstakingly sourced from local highlands and waters. While Sitka’s brunch side of things features more familiar items like lobster rolls and chickpea salads, dinnertime is serious playtime for Christian. Pick from a limited selection of starters, mains and desserts but if we could gently nudge you towards the right direction, you’d want to start with the seasonal English classic: mackerel served with gooseberries, made elegant with an accompanying quenelle of smoked almond puree cut with housemade crème fraiche. That is, if you haven’t already filled yourself with complimentary breads, served with an unbearably light cloud of whipped beef fat butter. Meanwhile, the hay ash-smoked beef is an up on beef tartare, and comes with pickled yolk in an eggshell bowl plated on a nest of hay (a...

    Merdeka 2014 ads to watch

    Fri Aug 29

    A still from 'A Walk Through Time' by Petronas

    A still from 'A Walk Through Time' by Petronas

    We celebrate 57 years of independence on Sunday, and it wouldn’t be Merdeka without local corporate giants rolling out tear-inducing ads. Here are four of our favourites ‘Malaysia. We are Family’ by DigiWe might take it for granted, but there’s something incredibly touching about the way we Malaysians hail each other as family members. The folks behind this heart-warming Digi ad thought so too (and they weren’t the only ones, as you’ll see in a minute). We follow a social experiment in which a man calls total strangers names like ‘auntie’, ‘macha’, ‘anne’, ‘bro’ and ‘adik’ to see if they respond. 'It’s okay. We’re Family' by MaxisYeah, we noticed it too: Maxis and Digi put out Merdeka ads with the exact same theme. This time we follow Tim Sharp, an expat living in KL, as he realises that total strangers are calling him ‘brother’, and tries out the custom for himself – with some hilarious results. ‘Great families think alike,’ says...

    Updated: Uber KL is illegal, say reports; Uber releases official statement

    Thu Aug 28

    Update (Aug 29)Uber KL has since released a statement on its blog in response to media reports,  calling upon the government and NGO officials to engage in a dialogue with them to better understand how innovation 'can help transform KL's transportation system'. 'The Deputy President of Gabungan Persatuan dan Syarikat-Syarikat Teksi Semenanjung Malaysia took to the media with [the] Executive Director of Sunlight Radio Taxi Service Sdn Bhd to try and scare Malaysians away from Uber. So we think it’s a good time to clarify a few facts, ' read the statement, which listed Uber's core beliefs but did not directly address claims that its drivers and vehicles are without the appropriate licenses. Read the full statement here.*Local daily The Sun reported today that transport service app Uber has been declared illegal by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), as its use of private vehicles to carry fare-paying passengers is an offence under the Land Public Transport Act 2010....

    Get a cup of teh tarik for only five sen this Merdeka Day

    Wed Aug 27

    On August 31, Teh Tarik Place lets you have a cup at a 1957 price Ditch your flat whites for a cup of teh tarik this Sunday, because you'll be able to enjoy it at a special 1957 price of five sen. Local chain Teh Tarik Place's one-day promotion welcomes everyone to have a cup or two (or more) of teh tarik at the same price our parents paid in 1957. Being Malaysians, we can't resist a good deal, so we suggest you head down early to any of Teh Tarik Place's 12 outlets to enjoy as many cups as you want. You should Instagram a frothy cup of teh tarik for a change.For a list of outlets, visit Offer valid for dine-in only. Latest blog posts

    Contest: Win passes to David Blaine 'Real or Magic' Asia Tour 2014

    Wed Aug 27

    World renowned street magician and endurance artist David Blaine's maiden Asian tour sees a stop in KL this September 5. The American illusionist is best known for his mind-blowing endurance stunts like 'Frozen in Time' (in which he remained frozen in a block of ice for 72 hours), 'Vertigo' (where he stood for 44 hours on a 22-inch platform) and 'Human Aquarium' (in which he spent seven days in a water-filled sphere), as well as TV specials 'David Blaine: Street Magic' and 'David Blaine: Magic Man'. Blaine's KL debut will be a 90-minute live performance featuring his best stage illusions and endurance stunts. Open to all ages.For event info, see listing. Questions1. Where will David Blaine 'Real or Magic' Asia Tour 2014 be held in KL?a. Putra Indoor Stadiumb. Shah Alam Stadiumc. Stadium Merdekad. Stadium Negara 2. In which year did David Blaine break the world record by holding his breath underwater for 17 minutes and four and a half seconds?a. 2007b. 2008c. 2009d. 2010 3....

    The top 40 bars in KL - September issue out now

    Tue Aug 26

    Featuring the city's best bars with a view, speakeasies, resto-bars and more This September, it’s time to get into the spirit of KL’s vibrant nightlife scene with our roundup of the best bars in KL for every occasion. Get the lowdown on the city’s top resto-bars, speakeasies, bars with the best views and more. Latest blog posts Aside from bars, we’re also giving you an education on steak. In our comprehensive guide, learn all about the different cuts and types of beef as explained by experts, then find out where you can enjoy a good steak with our list of best steakhouses in KL by budget. In Food, we welcome back Mid-Autumn Festival and mooncakes this month. If you tire of the usual flavours, we highlight six durian mooncakes you should try, as well as the best mooncake packaging this year and places you can buy the seasonal treat. Also in Food: top 5 cooking classes, restaurant reviews and the latest café and coffee bar openings. In Shopping & Style, get in on the...

    Reviewed: Good Vibes Festival 2014

    Mon Aug 25

    Missed the show on Saturday? Here's a recap of the one-day (rainy) festival featuring Ellie Goulding, Banks, Empire of the Sun and !!! (Chk Chk Chk) The second instalment of Good Vibes Festival at Sepang International Kart Circuit started out sunny enough, allowing festival goers to lounge on raised decks, face their fear of heights at Hotlink’s Bagjump and shop for merchandise. Even though dark clouds and rain hovered throughout the event, the approximately 8,000-strong crowd kept the atmosphere high for headliners Banks, Empire of the Sun, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and Ellie Goulding. Here’s a recap: Drenched but not dampened When the doors opened, people trickled in anticipating a warm, sunny evening of festival fun. The excited buzz was mellowed by the sudden downpour two hours later, which had everybody crammed around the only covered stage – Heineken Starclub (Green Stage) – to wait out the storm by catching live sets by some of KL's best local DJs. The heavy rain eventually...

    Good Vibes Festival 2014: Attractions

    Fri Aug 22

    Bass Sekolah

    Bass Sekolah

    Hotlink’s BagjumpLast year it was reverse bungee jumping; this year, there's Hotlink’s Bagjump, which is kind of like bungee jumping – only without a harness and you land on a 'cloud of air' to break your fall (okay fine, it's actually a giant airbag). Face your fear of heights or feel the thrill of falling – take your pick. Bagjump is made for all ages.Red Bull X Good Vibes #givesyouwiiingsRed Bull is taking things off stage and making them more personal. These pop-up gigs will happen at random spots around festival grounds, so we suggest you keep your eyes and ears out for performances by They Will Kill Us All, The Impatient Sisters, Bass Sekolah, OJ Law, Kopigo, Hulkas, Jhin and A-Marq. Also, if you see random B-boys dancing, that would be the guys from Giler Battle Crew and Wakaka. Heineken Starclub Featuring landscaped bars and chill-out areas, this dynamic space will provide shade during the day and the ultimate party under the stars at night. On the lineup are DJ acts...
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