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    #SiniAdaHantu: Find a ghost story near you

    Fri Oct 31

    We all know how scary can be subjective. Some people can be spooked out by strange voices coming from the window – while some are just terrified of their in-laws (see: USJ Taipan). But if you get goosebumps just from reading scary stories, check out #SiniAdaHantu, a Google map of the country pinned with chilling personal accounts that (may or may not) have happened in the area. Some of the stories are by writers of local publishing house Fixi, but feel free to add your own as well, because what’s the use of a good ghost tale if not shared? #SiniAdaHantu is a project by local creative agency The Greatest Hits. Get your spooky fix at Latest blog posts

    Top 5 films to watch at the 15th European Union Film Festival

    Fri Oct 31

    Now in its 15th year, the European Union Film Festival (EUFF) returns to selected GSC outlets with a line-up that showcases the diversity of European cinema. Whether they are inspirational stories of triumph over adversity, serious documentaries to address social issues, or light-hearted comedies for a good laugh, these films are chosen to broaden our knowledge of the continent's cultural heritage. Here are our top five picks: The Broken Circle Breakdown, Belgium (Felix van Groeningen, 2012)Didier is a banjo player and a hopeless romantic while Elise runs a tattoo shop and keeps a clear head on the world. Despite the differences, it is love at first sight for both of them, who later become parents to Maybelle. The film follows their seven-year relationship as they go from a happy couple sharing a passion for bluegrass music to one struggling to hold their lives together as their daughter is diagnosed with cancer on her sixth birthday and passed away within a year. Latest blog posts...

    Download Liyana Fizi’s new single ‘You Know’ for free

    Thu Oct 30

    The definition of Malaysian indie darling is Liyana Fizi (no, seriously, Google up 'Malaysian indie darling' – she's there). Her latest release, 'You Know', is a collaboration with Melina William, bassist and vocalist for three-piece rock band Tempered Mental. Melina, who is also a composer and producer, approached Liyana to lend her voice to the track - and the result is 2.48 minutes of a muted, languid affair, charmingly delightful with each guitar strum and hushed lyrics. The composition of 'You Know' is classic Liyana Fizi - acoustic, stripped tunes funneled with folk, a sound she describes as 'honest, hypnotic and heart-wrenching'. It's deceiving in its simplicity, but with this song, what we get is a peek at how far she's grown as a solo artist since her early Estrella days. Our verdict: She doesn't even need to try; she's got us for life. Download the full track here for free (expires November 1). Latest blog posts

    People say the darndest things: The 'I want to touch a dog' edition

    Fri Oct 24

    The recent 'I want to touch a dog' event, which was held at Bandar Utama, was a success with the public. But it is drawing flak from several conservative segments of the society. Here are a few of the statements we've picked up, as reported in the local dailies. ‘What is making these tornadoes so interested in dropping in on our country when it has stayed away and not shown any interest all this while. Is it because widespread vices like gambling centres, prostitution, alcohol fest and festival to touch dogs have become an attraction.’ A Facebook post by Perkasa, as reported in The Malay Mail. *** ‘We are worried that one day, someone will organise a “sex and condom” campaign to promote “safe sex”, supposedly to avoid HIV or AIDS from spreading.’ A statement by a PAS representative, as reported in Malaysiakini. *** ‘The Persatuan Jemaah Pondok-pondok Kedah suggested that a "Do not go near dogs" programme be held to counter the recent dog-touching event participated...

    KL's best artisanal products – November issue out now

    Thu Oct 23

    This November, we’re celebrating all the best things that are homemade, handcrafted or designed in our fair city – gourmet spreads, desserts, fashion, beauty products and more. Dual-purpose shops provide coffee and delicious plates alongside specialty services and retail offerings. In our guide, get to know these shops with double lives and why they’re worthy of a visit. In Food, we explore the city’s best food trucks that are revving up the food scene, the latest restaurant and café openings, and the controversial fugu fish (aka pufferfish) – the poisonous fish best eaten raw. Latest blog posts In Shopping & Style, check out the season’s hottest wristwatches and boots to suit your budget, and keep up to date on the latest beauty products for men and women. Also in this issue: our review of KL's latest escape room game Breakout, an interview with award-winning director Liew Seng Tat and local band The Cotton Field Scarecrows, diving in the Philippines and more....

    Michael Bublé is coming to KL in January 2015

    Mon Oct 20

    Event organiser Dainty Group has confirmed that four-time Grammy-winning singer Michael Bublé has added KL to his 2015 Asian tour with a concert slated for January 27. Venue and ticket details have yet to be announced, but it's best to start saving now – this could be a good Christmas present for your mum. Watch this space for updates or follow Time Out KL on Twitter and Facebook. Latest blog posts

    Klangers overheard at the mamak #1

    Mon Oct 20

    Every month, we share the weird things we've overheard in KL. Got a #Klangers you want to share? Tweet us! Latest blog posts

    Time Out KL Food Awards Instagram contest: Win a stay in Gaya Island Resort, Sabah

    Fri Oct 17

    Are you obsessed with Instagram? Do you find yourself constantly posting photos of your meal? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you'll like what we're going to tell you: we're giving away a 4D3N stay in Gaya Island Resort, Sabah to one lucky Instagram user!How to enter1. Follow @timeoutkl on Instagram.2. Instagram your best photo taken at any of the shortlisted restaurants in the Time Out KL Food Awards (make sure it's new! Submitting old photos is not cool). Remember to include #TOKLFA and the name of the restaurant. For the full shortlist, visit And that's all. Whether you go for full-frontal, meat-sliding-off-bone shots or a moody scene in a hipster café is entirely up to you (but please, no selfies). We'll be accepting submissions from now until Oct 31. The prize4D3N Residents' Package stay in a Kinabalu Room at Gaya Island Resort, Sabah inclusive of free daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, and return speedboat transfers from Sutera...

    Win invites to an exclusive dinner by 'MasterChef Australia' judge George Calombaris

    Thu Oct 16

    George Calombaris (centre) with fellow 'MasterChef Australia' judges Gary Mehigan (left) and Matt Preston (right)

    George Calombaris (centre) with fellow 'MasterChef Australia' judges Gary Mehigan (left) and Matt Preston (right)

    Are you a fan of 'MasterChef Australia'? Then you won't want to miss this opportunity to dine on a dinner specially prepared by the show's famed judge and chef, George Calombaris, when he visits KL this month. George will be without his two accomplices Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston, but rest assured you'll be in for a real treat when the Australian chef presents his specially curated dinner menu featuring his signature dishes with an Asian twist. George will also do a live cooking demonstration for two of his dishes. That's the good news. The bad news is that this dinner is only open to invited guests, but the super good news is that we're giving away passes to this exclusive money-can't-buy dinner courtesy of Lifetime Asia (Astro Channel 709). All we need is your creativity. To be in the running for those invites, simply answer the following question:If you could prepare one Malaysian dish for George Calombaris to try, what would it be and why? (In not more than 50 words).How to...

    Brickfields' iconic Vivekananda Ashram to be redeveloped

    Thu Oct 16

    The Star reported today that the 110-year-old Vivekananda Ashram along Brickfields' Jalan Tun Sambanthan will be redeveloped to include a 23-storey residential tower and an eight-storey carpark on the site. However, the historical structure and the bronze statue of Swami Vivekananda will be retained to 'preserve its symbolic value'. Read the full story here.While we can take some comfort in the fact that the century-old landmark won't be demolished (just given some shiny, tall friends), news of its redevelopment has got us reminiscing about that time we dedicated a whole issue to Brickfields back in March 2011. And what we featured as the cover.

    Go now: Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival

    Wed Oct 15

    After a five-month open submission period, the annual environmentally themed film festival is finally taking place. The KLEFF official judges have selected 75 films to be screened, which include 19 entries from Malaysia. The festival will also feature environment-related workshops, talks and musical performances – but all eyes will be on the last day, when the KLEFF Awards Ceremony will honour filmmakers for their efforts to spread environmental awareness through film. Here are some of the films to watch: GMO OMG (Oct 18, 1.07pm) Dir Jeremy Seifert 2013 (US) In this documentary, director and concerned father Jeremy Seifert reveals the adverse effects of GMOs in our food. Travelling from city to city, he seeks to answer the question that’s become a growing concern among citizens around the world: What is really on our plate? Trashed (Oct 18, 5.35pm)Dir Candida Brady 2012 (US) Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste...

    'Englishjer' lets you learn English like a boss

    Tue Oct 14

    Question: Do you know when to use 'who's' and 'whose'? 'May' and 'Can'? How about 'your' and 'you're'? 'Englishjer', PopTeeVee's latest web series that can give 'Oh My English!' a run for its money, is here to help you out. A collaboration between the local production house and @englishjer, the Twitter phenomenon that subtly gives funny English lessons to Twitter-obsessed Malaysians, 'Englishjer' aims to teach basic English in a more accessible format, with a weekly lesson no longer than two minutes. The man behind @englishjer, Qayyum Jumadi is now the writer, producer and host of the web series. If you need a bit of a push, their pilot (which is one minute and 34 seconds long) teaches the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, and involves Qayyum in a blond wig and some bad singing (expect nothing less from PopTeeVee). We think the ‘Can or Cannot’ episode should also be made mandatory viewing in all Malaysian primary schools. A new episode of 'Englishjer' is out...

    The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere: A preview

    Mon Oct 13

    Photo: Gene Page/AMC

    FOX will be showing the new season of ‘The Walking Dead’ just hours after the US broadcast, which means the season premieres tonight at 9pm.We watched the first episode of season five in a media preview, but we were sworn to secrecy to not reveal anything. Season five picks up right where season four ended, and to prep you for tonight’s big show, here’s what we know so far at the end of last season:1.    Rick and most of the core group arrived at the Terminus, but it’s not the sanctuary they were expecting. Instead, it’s a cannibalistic community. Rick and co were rounded up and locked up in a train car.2.    Tyreese, Carol and baby Judith are on the road heading towards Terminus after a heartbreaking and shocking episode where Lizzie killed her sister Mika and was later ‘executed’ by Carol.3.    Beth was abducted after running out of the funeral home she was seeking refuge in with Daryl. We don’t know much about her beyond that, but if you’ve watched the...

    Four food markets to visit this week

    Wed Oct 8

    More on the blog The School Sun Day Out The weekly Sunday event promotes cycling for kids aged between three and seven, but once they burn out, fuel them with food from trucks like SpagMe, Koods Pizza and OH MY DFRUIT JUICE (OMFJ!). Other vendors selling homemade cakes and desserts will also be on site. Publika Rasa-rasa Bazaar This market happens on the first Tuesday of every month, and sometimes, you’ll be able to snag made-with-love food like rendang, pies, sausages, cookies and Malay kuih. A tip: Make sure to stop by Ai Yoghurt for small tubs of locally made yoghurt in flavours like cocoa, red bean and passion fruit.

    Calling for entries: BMW Shorties 2014

    Tue Oct 7

    A scene from ’32C Fall in Love’

    A scene from ’32C Fall in Love’

    More on the blog The BMW Shorties returns for its eighth edition, calling out to budding Malaysian filmmakers to partake in this year’s competition themed ‘Connection’. The short film festival will put your story-telling abilities to the test, as you explore the meaning of connection with one another through film. The panel of judges this year includes four-time BMW Shorties veteran and commercial filmmaker Lina Tan; feature film producer Nandita Solomon; actor, screenwriter, and director Bront Palarae; local film director Chiu Keng Guan as well as one of Malaysia’s celebrated short film directors, Tan Chui Mui. Tan Seng Kiat, the grand prize winner for BMW Shorties last year, has just released his latest production ‘Hello, goodbye’ – a film produced with the help of BMW’s production grant worth RM75,000. Known for his signature romantic comedies, Tan Seng Kiat produces yet another film that tells a sprouting love story between two elderly strangers who discover...

    Contest: Win ‘DeepSea Challenge’ premiere screening passes

    Thu Oct 2

    Using a submersible, James Cameron and a team of engineers documented their voyage from the wreck site of German battleship, Bismarck to the 36, 201-feet deep waters of the Mariana Trench. At least 100 new species have been found during the expedition. Inspired by the likes of oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, this is a journey of science and discovery, proving that there is much more to explore despite living in a post-exploration world. Opens Oct 16Questions1. How deep is the Mariana Trench?a. 35, 900 feetb. 38, 034 feetc. 36, 201 feetd. 30, 876 feet2. Who is Jacques Cousteau?a. Oceanographerb. Musicianc. Tennis playerd. Prime minister3. In the October issue of Time Out KL, the following ingredients are why eating curry is good for you, except...a. Green cardamomb. Raw papayac. Nutmegd. MintThe prizesDouble passes to a special screening of 'Deepsea Challenge 3D' (date and venue will be revealed to winners).How to enterSend your answers to (subject line: TOKL...

    Call for entries: Short film competition by Sundance and Astro

    Wed Oct 1

    Budding filmmakers can now fulfil their dreams of rubbing shoulders with industry insiders through this short film competition by Sundance Channel and Astro. The winner gets to go on a trip for two people to the 2015 Sundance Film Festival in Utah, with accommodation for three nights. The competition aims to give promising filmmakers the chance to have their work screened to a wider audience. It’ll be a treat for anyone serious about the craft, as the winner will have exclusive access to screenings, panels, events and the awards ceremony. So get cracking, hopeful filmmakers! All you have to do is submit a short film with any theme of your choice. The short film must also be under 12 minutes and have never been shown on Malaysian television before. Entries must be submitted by the producer or director with proof of residency in Malaysia. The top three finalists will have their work premiered on the Sundance Channel and screened at a special event in December. The two runner ups...

    Contest: Win a stay in Deluxe Pool Villa at X2 Kui Buri

    Wed Oct 1

    Win: A two-night stay in Deluxe Pool Villa at X2 Kui Buri with champagne breakfast for two, worth RM5,217The X2 Kui Buri Resort is the first of the chain of X2 (pronounced ‘Cross To’) boutique vacation properties that cater to holiday goers who want a luxurious, pampering stay. Located three hours south of Bangkok, the surrounding underdeveloped area populated by the local fishing communities provides the resort a serene atmosphere and a sense of exclusivity.Using the mountain rock from local quarries, X2 Kui Buri has built 23 stylish villas – one Royal Villa, one Luxury Pool Villa Suite, two Deluxe Oceanfront Pool Villas, 15 Deluxe Pool Villas and four Deluxe Garden Villas – all furnished with home theatres, entertainment utilities and private plunge pools (except Deluxe Garden Villa). They make lolling in the room just as satisfying an option as signing up for outdoor recreational activities, which includes kayaking, catamaran sailing, snorkelling and mountain biking. After...

    Contest: Win a voucher for a dining and entertainment experience at Signature, Score, Malt & Leaf, Stratosphere and Play at The Roof

    Wed Oct 1

    Win: A voucher for a dining and entertainment experience at Signature, Score, Malt & Leaf, Stratosphere and Play at The Roof, worth RM500Located at the top floor of First Avenue in Bandar Utama, The Roof is a five-in-one dining and an entertainment hub covering 50,000 sq ft of space. The gastro-lounge Signature by The Hill provides a contemporary dining experience with Asian and international fusion cuisine and a selection of award-winning signature cocktails.The sports bar, Score, makes for a great pit stop for fans to catch live telecasts of games and matches over pints of beer while next to it, Malt & Leaf offers a wide variety of whiskies. Club nights at Play are adrenaline-pumping affairs, with DJs spinning anything from progressive house and techno to disco and funk. For a stunning sunset and view of the city, head up to Stratosphere, Asia’s first green helipad champagne bar.For more information, go to 1. For a contemporary dining experience, you...

    Contest: Win an organic Melvita Argan Oil gift set

    Wed Oct 1

    Win: An organic Melvita Argan Oil gift set worth RM160Sourcing and harvesting the finest plants of ideal geographical origins, Melvita has produced a range of quality beauty oils using a made-to-measure process with precise extraction protocols. It involves cold pressing of the seeds and a maceration method that immerses the flowers or bulbs in a neutral plant oil to capture their liposoluble active molecules. Besides their popular selection of avocado oil, rose hip oil, calendula oil, nigella oil, lily oil and borage oil, the brand’s 100 percent organic Argan Oil – a small bottle of which contains 400 Argan kernels – is the most sought after.Suitable for all skin types, the products are packed with fatty acids and unsaponifiable constituents essential for strengthening cell membranes by filling in the spaces between cells. This prevents water loss, external irritation and premature ageing. Blend in a drop of Melvita organic oil with any of your facial creams or liquid...
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