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    The six types of taxi drivers in KL

    Fri Jan 30

    Photo: Caraman/

    1. The Best Actor ...takes every performance seriously. He uses the meter, wants to do you a favour, and has lots of helpful suggestions on different routes to ‘avoid traffic’. And then the show begins. The Best Actor purposely takes the wrong route to give the metre a good run. Once, we got into a premier cab that went in and out of the city THREE times while the driver kept acting ‘surprised’ that each route he took was jammed. It would have been a convincing performance if the bill didn’t reach such heights. 2. The Stalker a surprisingly common species. On the whole, taxi drivers are a rather talkative crowd. When you drive alone for hours, one can be in need of company. We don’t mind chatting with drivers over social injustice, their kids, the weather or food. But weirdly, the Stalker seems bent on compiling a file on you. Sample questions: Where do you stay? What time do you leave for work? What time do you come back from work? It’s enough to make us squirm in...

    Out now: Time Out Malaysia for Visitors 2015

    Thu Jan 29

    The ultimate insiders’ guide to paradise Comprehensive listings show you the top things to do: the best sights and attractions to visit, where to stay, where to shop, what to eat, and the top places to party. Divided geographically, listings cover Kuala Lumpur and Surrounds, East Malaysia, Johor, Kedah & Perlis, Kelantan & Terengganu, Malacca & Surrounds, Pahang, Penang, and Perak. Within these, special sections are devoted to tropical island holiday favourites Langkawi, Tioman, the Perhentians and the Redang Archipelago. Start off the new year with a fresh perspective on Malaysia: The fully updated edition of Time Out Malaysia's Guide for Visitors is out now in a handy, travel-friendly new format. Packed with state and city maps plus suggested itineraries, it's your best guide to adventure in Southeast Asia's most diverse country, where mountains, beaches, islands, culture and heritage combine. Features, well-researched by local experts and with superb original photography,...

    RapidKL will extend the Ampang and Kelana Jaya lines

    Tue Jan 27

    An artist's impression of the future Taipan station on the Kelana Jaya Line. Photo: RapidKL

    An artist's impression of the future Taipan station on the Kelana Jaya Line. Photo: RapidKL

    In two or three years, you may not need a car to get around anymore – if everything goes to plan KL is one step closer to joining cities like London, New York City and Singapore where public transportation’s so reliable, hardly anyone drives. A few months ago saw the announcement of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and all over town you can see MRT construction in full swing (which ironically is also the cause of massive traffic jams in the areas involved). Now, here’s another big project to look forward to: the long-overdue Ampang and Kelana Jaya Line extension, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2016. Latest blog posts Prasarana Malaysia Berhad (the folks behind RapidKL) recently announced the Line Extension Project for its two lines on the website, which will connect areas and neighbourhoods that were previously only accessible by car. Below is a list of the new stations that will be added to each line. Will this really mean an end to traffic congestion...

    Stand to win RM13,888 in cash with Carlsberg Malaysia

    Tue Jan 27

    With any large bottle (640ml) of Carlsberg, Asahi Super Dry and Royal Stout, find the Chinese character for ‘smooth’ under the bottle cap and you’ll win a RM13,888 cash prize. Or, get a 24-can Carlsberg festive pack and check for the congratulatory message at the base of the tray. There’s more: All 38 winners of this cash prize will be invited to a special event where one of them will win the grand prize of RM1million in cash. Don’t worry if you don’t get the cash; you could also win RM200 shopping vouchers with the 24-can Carlsberg festive pack. Promotion ends Feb 28.For more info visit Latest blog posts

    66 best tips and tricks that will change your life - Feb issue out now

    Mon Jan 26

    This February, it's time to change your life – with little ideas that can make big improvements! Our latest issue gives you 66 of the most useful cheats (or lifehacks as they're better known) to help you get ahead in the city, including how to get a seat on the KTM, where to get cheap parking in Changkat, and how to travel around KL and PJ for free. In Food, find the best restaurants in town serving popular dishes from neighbouring countries the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. If you tire of the usual yee sang varieties, toss to a good year with our list of best unusual yee sang in KL. That's not all – we also have complete dining promotions for both Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, alongside food reviews and the city's new openings. Consider your dining plans for the month sorted. The festiveness continues in Shopping & Style, in which we've put together eight head-to-toe outfits (for girls and guys) to wear on your Valentine's Day date, as well as...

    Out now: Strongbow Apple Ciders new flavours

    Thu Jan 22

    Strongbow Apple Ciders has just rolled out three new flavours: gold, honey and elderflower. The refined gold flavour has a crisp green apple note that produces a light, bittersweet aftertaste. If you’re looking for something slightly sweeter, then the honey flavour is for you – the honey and the hint of rhubarb result in a fruity finish. For a lighter, floral-like taste, opt for the elderflower. The combination of lime, hints of Muscat and fresh lychee are a treat for the palate.These refreshing drinks are great for any time of the day – specially in our hot and humid weather. It’s best to keep the bottle chilled at around 3C or 4C before consuming it. Tip: Serve it in a tall glass filled with ice for the best pick-me-up feeling.For more on Strongbow, visit  Latest blog posts

    The seven species of travellers you find on Instagram

    Tue Jan 20

    Illustrations by Sio Yean

    Now that everyone can fly, let’s take a look at the types of travellers out there based on their Instagram feeds 1. ANTM The ANTM is looking to produce his personal lookbook. He carefully curates his style, buys a new wardrobe (with matching luggage) specifically for this trip, and spends more time coordinating his #ootd rather than researching the destination he’s headed for. The ANTM also picks his travel companions carefully. It’s best if they’re good photographers or willing to wait for hours in the freezing cold as he composes the perfect angle. How else are the likes going to roll in? 2. The BourdainThe Bourdain usually has the word ‘foodie’ sprinkled somewhere in her bio. Like any Malaysian out there, this type loves her food. But she’s in dire need of a better camera and food-styling skills. We all agree that meals figure a lot in everybody’s travel experience, but incessantly bombarding us with blurry, unappetising shots of ‘breakfast’, ‘lunch’,...

    Cocktail of the month: Blue Elephant

    Fri Jan 16

    Photo: Hizwan Hamid

    A place called Blue Elephant wouldn’t want to miss the chance to create a signature blue cocktail. It’s elegant, light and refreshing. Blue Elephant is a twist on the standard sangria, with white wine instead of red for a lighter taste. It’s filled with tropical flavours like vodka, Australian Chardonnay, passion fruit syrup, apple juice and grapefruit juice, with some blue curacao syrup to achieve that brilliant hue. RM26++ Drink it at Blue Elephant This bar lets you work a little for your post-work drinks by being hidden. Look for the trail of posters lining up the walls of the staircase and you’re there.  Latest blog posts

    Here’s how to play 'Prince of Persia' and other MS-DOS games on your office computer

    Wed Jan 14

    Photo: Internet Archive

    Head to the Internet Archive before your boss comes back from vacation So you’re trying to get through the rest of the work week. Here’s how to do it: De-stress with any of the 2,295 MS-DOS games available for free right from your browser – just make sure your boss doesn't catch you. In 2013, the Internet Archive released a JavaScript emulator (a sort of function that mimics the way super old software and games are run) to play in your browser, along with plenty of old games and entertainment applications that are sure to bring back the childhood feels. Recently, The Verge reported that the Internet Archive has added even more gaming titles into its library, whereupon you can play up to 2,295 MS-DOS games from your browser. If you have an updated browser (we recommend the latest Chrome or Firefox), you can try out the old classics right now. From Atari to Taito, the release includes games like 'Donkey Kong', 'Prince of Persia', 'Bubble Bobble', 'Street Fighter' (I & II) and...

    PopTeeVee talks about sex in new web series 'Popek Popek'

    Tue Jan 13

    Prepare for some minor discomfort Talking about the birds and the bees can be a queasy experience for some, so PopTeeVee tries to handle the awkwardness of sex education through humour in this new Malay-language web series, 'Popek Popek'. It's written and hosted by sexual health educator June Low, answering questions we Malaysians are supposedly too shy to ask. The series is a response to the lack of quality sexual health education in the country, which currently focuses on promoting abstinence.Done in the style of a day-time talk show, the pilot episode talks about the technical aspects of a girl's virginity by addressing this golden question: can you lose it if you use a tampon? And if that doesn't make you uncomfortable yet, these words will: selaput and ketebalan (again and again, for about ten times). Co-host Sudarshan (of Think Tadpole Think, Tiga Segi Tiga and HKPT) doesn't make things any less uncomfortable either; he just sits there and nods. It's all very awkward and...

    Klangers overheard at the mamak #3

    Mon Jan 12

    Every month, we share the weird things we've overheard in KL. Got a #Klangers you want to share? Tweet us! Latest blog posts

    Lazada launches Flood Relief Drive

    Sat Jan 10

    Everyone’s trying to help out the east coast flood victims in whatever ways they can and Lazada is making it a whole lot easier, so no excuse now. The online shopping site has organised a Flood Relief Drive where you can buy specific items for the flood victims through their website.There are 31 items available under the campaign including food and drinks (cereal, coffee, oatmeal), housekeeping items (mops, wet floor brooms and pails) and children’s diapers. The items are also sold at half-price; Lazada shares the donation value with you by contributing the other half. And don’t worry about the logistics of getting the items to the flood victims – Lazada has it covered. Everything will be sent to the Malaysian Red Crescent Flood Relief Centre at the end of the campaign.For more info, visit For more ways you can help the flood victims, see our list of flood relief charities. Latest blog posts

    Paris Hilton is coming to KL

    Fri Jan 9

    Photo: Jaguarps/

    Look out, folks – Paris Hilton is coming to town. The socialite everybody loves to hate will be coming to KL to perform for new development Empire City's private preview party on Jan 23. Also on the lineup for this exclusive party is K-pop group 2AM, Taboo of Black Eyed Peas, and Australian tenor Mark Vincent. Note the words 'private' and 'exclusive' here to mean 'sorry, you can't go if you're not invited.' Empire City is an upcoming 30-acre integrated development in Damansara Perdana comprising retail stores, offices, and hotels, and aims to be 'the ultimate spot for meeting, dining and shopping'. Latest blog posts

    Things for kids to do in KL this weekend

    Fri Jan 9

    Photo: Stephen Denness

    Beat the rain with these fun indoor activities Stuck for ideas for things to do this weekend? Before the kids head back to school, take them out for some indoor fun and games, away from this gloomy, rainy weather. Latest blog posts

    Join the team: Sports Bandits

    Thu Jan 8

    Bubble futsal

    Bubble futsal

    It's like Facebook, only you're actually doing something Organising matches with friends can be a bit of a hassle. If it’s not friends who will cancel at the last minute, it’s a problem with securing a venue. Either way, something just doesn’t work out. This is where Sports Bandits comes in to help. The social sports community organises the matches for you by handling venue rental, teammates, and even providing trained staff to facilitate the sessions. All you have to do is buy the passes, show up, and get to know your new teammates. You don’t even need to be a pro at any of the games you’re playing – just have a little team spirit. Another perk is that you can collect points for active participation – such as number of sessions attended and new people you talk to – and convert these points into badges to redeem prizes. Opt for a monthly membership (RM110 per month), a six-month unlimited plan (RM550) or a roamer pass that you can use for ten visits (RM250). You can...

    Here’s a look at the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department’s 2015 calendar

    Wed Jan 7

    Photo: Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia

    Update (Jan 22): Due to overwhelming response, the Fire and Rescue Department has announced that it will be printing more copies of the 2015 calendar. Unfortunately, the calendars are still not for sale and only meant for 'internal circulation', but if you really want them, the department will be giving them out at Fire and Rescue awareness campaigns and functions. We're no businessmen, but surely the obvious thing to do at this point (ie, when news of your product has gone viral) is to sell the calendars? And if that really takes off, perhaps even venture into Bomba stationery? Come on, give the people what they want! (In this case, it's flexing, fully clothed firemen on their desks.) *You may be familiar with the New York City Firefighters Calendar (which released a 20th anniversary edition this year featuring the hunkiest of the NYC firemen – all very buff and topless), but did you know that our unsung heroes in the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department also have their own...

    How to pass off as a food critic

    Wed Jan 7

    Do you own a smartphone? If the answer is yes, then read on 1. Own a smartphone. 2. Learn to use the camera function on aforementioned smartphone. Better yet, bring two smartphones; one of them can be the torchlight. 3. Take a photo of a dish you’re eating. 4. Post the photo on a social media channel (ie, Facebook or Instagram). 5. Write a caption that vaguely explains the content of the photo. 6. Occasionally use hashtags like #omnomnom, #yummy and #foodporn. 7. Use the number of social media likes to validate your status as a ‘qualified’ food critic. 8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 in another restaurant, ideally within a week’s time.Disclaimer: Following these steps may not make you an actual food critic.  Try it at these restaurants Acme Bar & Coffee March 2012 In an era where ‘good enough’ seems to be the mantra, rare is the gem where boundaries are strenuously pushed and every possible detail, however minute, is tended to with meticulous care. That’s why Acme Bar & Coffee...

    Get 50 percent off 2015 F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix tickets

    Mon Jan 5

    Photo: Morozova Tatiana

    If you dig fast cars and the sounds of engines roaring through Sepang International Circuit, then it’s never too early to start planning for the 2015 F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix happening in March, especially when you can get tickets at half price from now until Jan 11. Valid on all seats except those in the Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald zones, expect discounted ticket prices to range from RM41-RM666. If you like motorbikes instead, book tickets for the Eni FIM Superbike World Championship 2015 (July 31-August 2) or the Shell Advance Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2015 (October 23-25) with up to RM30 off the original price. So, start your engines and book your tickets now. Visit to get your tickets, or call the SIC ticket hotline at 03 8778 2222. Latest blog posts

    Help wanted: SPCA Selangor’s Flood Aid for Animals in Distress

    Mon Jan 5

    The east coast flood is not only affecting our fellow Malaysians but animals as well, including cats and dogs. While some of the animals are strays, many are pets that are left behind by their owners who were evacuated to relief centres. As with most animal emergencies, SPCA comes to the rescue once again and they need your help. The organisation will set up three satellite aid centres in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang for rescuing, sheltering, treating and rehoming efforts for the animals over the next three months. They will need help in terms of supplies, equipment and manpower. For donations, you can contribute specific items such as pet food, cages, towels, collars, tarpaulin, rope, medical supplies and tools. Alternatively, you can donate money for SPCA to rent or purchase equipment and supplies. The collection point for donating items is at the SPCA Selangor office. Besides that, SPCA is also looking for four-wheel drive vehicles for trips to and from KL, small boats for...

    Contest: Win Breakout vouchers worth RM160

    Fri Jan 2

    Latest blog posts Win: A voucher that admits four pax for a 45-minute game at Breakout, worth RM160 each.When you sign up for a session of Breakout, you won’t just be racking your brains over a puzzle – you’ll be doing a bit of role playing too.Gather a group of no more than eight and pick one of the five themed rooms in which to play out a storyline of your choice. You’ll face a burnt body in a bathtub and weird occult symbols in ‘The Greatest Murder of Westwood’, while ‘Mr Oswald’s Greatest Show’ is about a puppeteer who brings a marionette to life. ‘Chamber of Hocus’ invites you to unravel the identity of Mr Hocus, a dangerous magician who’s wanted by the law. Then there’s ‘The Infinity’, in which you need figure your way out of a mazelike cluster of rooms. And lastly, ‘Project Fallout’ revolves around a group of scientists waking up with amnesia; they are under interrogation about a missing weapon of mass destruction.After you choose...
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