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    Five species you can find in elevators (part two)

    Fri Nov 21

    Photo: Nilikha, Dreamstime

    ...because like Pokémon, new species are constantly being discovered When a completely random mix of 12 to 15 men and women willingly enter a tiny metal box that slowly transports them upwards (and downwards) every day, interesting behavioural patterns emerge. Here are some species that we are charting for your own good. Identify them and get out before it’s too late. If you missed our part one, click here. The Weight Watcher When there’s plenty of space and those in the elevators are making encouraging noises and gestures for you to get in, please do. Don’t waffle around trying to remember the last time you stood on the bathroom scale. Just get in. Weight Watchers usually step in just as the elevator doors begin to slide shut. Sensors then grudgingly register their presence and the doors will painfully slide open again, wasting precious seconds of our lives and prolonging our suffering. The combined inward sighs are enough to sink a ship. The Slug The last we heard,...

    Video: #IndianFoodFlirtLines

    Wed Nov 19

    SkinTv just recently released this video of Indian food-related pick-up lines, starring Vikarworld, Harvinth Skin, Venice Min and Sharmaine Deva. The next time you have some Indian food with your partner, why not try some of these lines: ‘Baby I would love naan other than you’, ‘ I love you for your curry-teristics’ or ‘I want to-sai I love you’. See what happens. Now who’s craving Indian food? Watch more videos by SkinTv here. Latest blog posts

    It's official: Future Music Festival Asia 2015 will be held in Singapore

    Mon Nov 17

    Following the announcement that Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) will not be coming back to Malaysia in 2015, today FMFA confirmed on its Facebook page that the festival will be held in Singapore next year. The date, venue and music lineup have yet to be revealed. For those of you disappointed that KL will no longer host FMFA, you can at least take a little bit of comfort in the fact that it didn't move too far away. Travelling to Singapore for a concert is nothing out of the ordinary, right?For more FMFA updates, Latest blog posts

    RapidKL announces Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plans

    Mon Nov 17

    An artist's impression of the elevated Bus Rapid Transit system. Photo: RapidKL

    An artist's impression of the elevated Bus Rapid Transit system. Photo: RapidKL

    It’s like the LRT, only it’s an eco-friendly bus with its own dedicated lanes and ‘customer-friendly’ stations. That pretty much sums up the BRT, which is part of RapidKL’s plans for an integrated public transportation system to address our ever-growing concern about traffic congestion in the city (they predict that we’ll all be stuck in a massive gridlock by 2020, what with the Klang Valley population growing exponentially and everyone preferring to drive than take the bus or LRT). Here’s what we know about the BRT:1. The BRT is an elevated Bus Rapid Transit system, meaning buses will have their own (elevated, according to the artist’s impression) lanes.2. The first BRT line will be the Sunway Line, linking up key areas in Sunway, USJ and Subang. 3. The Sunway Line will have seven stations, including ones near KTMB Setia Jaya, Sunway Mentari Business Park, The Pinnacle, Sunway Medical Centre and Monash University, among others. View the map here (but take note of this...

    Tracks of the month: November

    Wed Nov 12

    'Ooo' by Karen O Track from her Cult Records debut album ‘Crush Songs’ At 25 minutes, ‘Crush Songs’ feels like a collection of demos, peppered with fade-outs and off-tune strumming – but therein lies the appeal, in its lo-fi, raw quality. That each song lasts barely over two minutes is the thematically apt point; a crush is fleeting, and here, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O is forlorn. As an opener, ‘Ooo’ sets the tone – plaintive and unplugged, she pines over an almost-lover and it’s instantly relatable. ‘Don’t tell me that they’re all the same,’ she begins, her hushed vocals defiant and yearning over simple chords, and despite – or maybe because of – the abrupt end, it’s a number that demands replays. We review some of the choice cuts from our A-sides, B-sides and miscellaneous pile this month 'Message in a Bottle' by Part Time Musicians Rats Records Bangkok single An indie-folk sextet from Bangkok, Part Time Musicians keep day jobs – although at the...

    Yuna announces secret show in December

    Fri Nov 7

    As Malaysians, we can agree on a few things: nasi lemak, rush hour traffic, and Yuna. The singer-songwriter-slash-style icon has just announced a secret show this December 7 on her Instagram. With tickets limited to 200 pax, it’s going to be an acoustic, up close and personal night with the star. Where, you ask? It’s a secret – of course – but watch this space for more information, coming soon. The Alor Setar-born, LA-based lass was lifted from her local, MySpace-driven fame to international critical acclaim in 2012 with ‘Yuna’, her self-titled debut, which was produced by Pharrell. While we’re at it, Yuna turns 28 years old in exactly one week, so happy birthday in advance! In anticipation of her gig, here’s a #flashbackfriday to one of our favourite Yuna songs from her ‘Decorate’ EP: Latest blog posts

    Bar bites: Mushroom cheese truffle popiah

    Wed Nov 5

    Photo: Hizwan Hamid

    Meet the Western version of the spring roll. This savoury bestseller at Hyde has a lot to offer. The rich filling of mushroom, parmesan cheese and truffle will remind you of creamy spaghetti sauce, or a chicken pot pie with popiah skin instead of pastry. The crispy golden brown exterior garnished with dried parsley makes the dish look appetising, and it doesn’t disappoint – crispy and creamy always make for a glorious combination. It comes in five pieces and pairs well with a glass of chardonnay. RM22++. Most popular on the blog Eat it at Hyde Finally, another speakeasy in KL – well, in PJ to be precise. Andrew and Caroline of The Good Batch are the duo behind this new joint. It’s hiding on the second floor behind a black sliding door, which makes it feel like an early ’20s speakeasy – it seems like something out of ‘The Great Gatsby’. The interior looks classy with its marble-topped bar and comfy cushioned seats, and there’s classic jazz playing on the speakers....

    Contest: Win a pair of tickets to Waterzonic

    Mon Nov 3

    Win: Tickets to Waterzonic, worth RM500 per pairWaterzonic is a party that no EDM fan should miss and here’s why: eight hours of nonstop music from some of the biggest names in the scene while being drenched by giant water cannons. Seen as the first of its kind to be held in Thailand, this outdoor electronic dance music festival will be nothing short of phenomenal as its main stage at the Rajamangala national stadium is installed with a 40-metre water screen complete with dancing water fountains, top-notch sound systems and special effects – think lasers, a 600m2 LED wall, fireworks, cold flame and pyrotechnics.The DJ lineup is equally exciting, with Australian female duo NERVO, Dutch brothers Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen of Showtek, and Sick Individuals on the decks.For more information, visit Where in Thailand will Waterzonic be held?2. Name the three DJ acts who are set to perform at the festival.3. Name three of the dual-purpose shops featured in...

    Contest: Win a session of Plotox Micro Facelift treatment from CRES

    Mon Nov 3

    Win: A session of Plotox Micro Facelift treatment from CRES, worth RM525For radiant, youthful skin, beauty brand CRES has Plotox Micro Facelift, a treatment that uses nanotechnology and biological liposome encapsulating technology. A combination of anti-ageing Green Peptides and hydroxyacetic acid will penetrate deep into the cells to provide the necessary nutrition for collagen and elastic fibre production. This concentrate is formulated from active ingredients such as peptide acid, aquaporin collagen (APC) and natural minerals – calcium, sodium and potassium – that help the release of infrared light to boost cell energy.The rapid healing and reparation of cells from improved microcirculation and increased oxygen will lift and restore firmness to the skin. With the application of a cold masque to remove signs of fatigue and brighten the complexion, a reversal-venom essence for facial muscle relaxation and smoothing wrinkles and creases, as well as swiftlet nest extract to...

    #SiniAdaHantu: Find a ghost story near you

    Fri Oct 31

    We all know how scary can be subjective. Some people can be spooked out by strange voices coming from the window – while some are just terrified of their in-laws (see: USJ Taipan). But if you get goosebumps just from reading scary stories, check out #SiniAdaHantu, a Google map of the country pinned with chilling personal accounts that (may or may not) have happened in the area. Some of the stories are by writers of local publishing house Fixi, but feel free to add your own as well, because what’s the use of a good ghost tale if not shared? #SiniAdaHantu is a project by local creative agency The Greatest Hits. Get your spooky fix at Latest blog posts

    Top 5 films to watch at the 15th European Union Film Festival

    Fri Oct 31

    Now in its 15th year, the European Union Film Festival (EUFF) returns to selected GSC outlets with a line-up that showcases the diversity of European cinema. Whether they are inspirational stories of triumph over adversity, serious documentaries to address social issues, or light-hearted comedies for a good laugh, these films are chosen to broaden our knowledge of the continent's cultural heritage. Here are our top five picks: The Broken Circle Breakdown, Belgium (Felix van Groeningen, 2012)Didier is a banjo player and a hopeless romantic while Elise runs a tattoo shop and keeps a clear head on the world. Despite the differences, it is love at first sight for both of them, who later become parents to Maybelle. The film follows their seven-year relationship as they go from a happy couple sharing a passion for bluegrass music to one struggling to hold their lives together as their daughter is diagnosed with cancer on her sixth birthday and passed away within a year. Latest blog posts...

    Download Liyana Fizi’s new single ‘You Know’ for free

    Thu Oct 30

    The definition of Malaysian indie darling is Liyana Fizi (no, seriously, Google up 'Malaysian indie darling' – she's there). Her latest release, 'You Know', is a collaboration with Melina William, bassist and vocalist for three-piece rock band Tempered Mental. Melina, who is also a composer and producer, approached Liyana to lend her voice to the track - and the result is 2.48 minutes of a muted, languid affair, charmingly delightful with each guitar strum and hushed lyrics. The composition of 'You Know' is classic Liyana Fizi - acoustic, stripped tunes funneled with folk, a sound she describes as 'honest, hypnotic and heart-wrenching'. It's deceiving in its simplicity, but with this song, what we get is a peek at how far she's grown as a solo artist since her early Estrella days. Our verdict: She doesn't even need to try; she's got us for life. Download the full track here for free (expires November 1). Latest blog posts

    People say the darndest things: The 'I want to touch a dog' edition

    Fri Oct 24

    The recent 'I want to touch a dog' event, which was held at Bandar Utama, was a success with the public. But it is drawing flak from several conservative segments of the society. Here are a few of the statements we've picked up, as reported in the local dailies. ‘What is making these tornadoes so interested in dropping in on our country when it has stayed away and not shown any interest all this while. Is it because widespread vices like gambling centres, prostitution, alcohol fest and festival to touch dogs have become an attraction.’ A Facebook post by Perkasa, as reported in The Malay Mail. *** ‘We are worried that one day, someone will organise a “sex and condom” campaign to promote “safe sex”, supposedly to avoid HIV or AIDS from spreading.’ A statement by a PAS representative, as reported in Malaysiakini. *** ‘The Persatuan Jemaah Pondok-pondok Kedah suggested that a "Do not go near dogs" programme be held to counter the recent dog-touching event participated...

    KL's best artisanal products – November issue out now

    Thu Oct 23

    This November, we’re celebrating all the best things that are homemade, handcrafted or designed in our fair city – gourmet spreads, desserts, fashion, beauty products and more. Dual-purpose shops provide coffee and delicious plates alongside specialty services and retail offerings. In our guide, get to know these shops with double lives and why they’re worthy of a visit. In Food, we explore the city’s best food trucks that are revving up the food scene, the latest restaurant and café openings, and the controversial fugu fish (aka pufferfish) – the poisonous fish best eaten raw. Latest blog posts In Shopping & Style, check out the season’s hottest wristwatches and boots to suit your budget, and keep up to date on the latest beauty products for men and women. Also in this issue: our review of KL's latest escape room game Breakout, an interview with award-winning director Liew Seng Tat and local band The Cotton Field Scarecrows, diving in the Philippines and more....

    Michael Bublé is coming to KL in January 2015

    Mon Oct 20

    Event organiser Dainty Group has confirmed that four-time Grammy-winning singer Michael Bublé has added KL to his 2015 Asian tour with a concert slated for January 27. Venue and ticket details have yet to be announced, but it's best to start saving now – this could be a good Christmas present for your mum. Watch this space for updates or follow Time Out KL on Twitter and Facebook. Latest blog posts

    Klangers overheard at the mamak #1

    Mon Oct 20

    Every month, we share the weird things we've overheard in KL. Got a #Klangers you want to share? Tweet us! Latest blog posts

    Time Out KL Food Awards Instagram contest: Win a stay in Gaya Island Resort, Sabah

    Fri Oct 17

    Are you obsessed with Instagram? Do you find yourself constantly posting photos of your meal? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you'll like what we're going to tell you: we're giving away a 4D3N stay in Gaya Island Resort, Sabah to one lucky Instagram user!How to enter1. Follow @timeoutkl on Instagram.2. Instagram your best photo taken at any of the shortlisted restaurants in the Time Out KL Food Awards (make sure it's new! Submitting old photos is not cool). Remember to include #TOKLFA and the name of the restaurant. For the full shortlist, visit And that's all. Whether you go for full-frontal, meat-sliding-off-bone shots or a moody scene in a hipster café is entirely up to you (but please, no selfies). We'll be accepting submissions from now until Oct 31. The prize4D3N Residents' Package stay in a Kinabalu Room at Gaya Island Resort, Sabah inclusive of free daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, and return speedboat transfers from Sutera...

    Win invites to an exclusive dinner by 'MasterChef Australia' judge George Calombaris

    Thu Oct 16

    George Calombaris (centre) with fellow 'MasterChef Australia' judges Gary Mehigan (left) and Matt Preston (right)

    George Calombaris (centre) with fellow 'MasterChef Australia' judges Gary Mehigan (left) and Matt Preston (right)

    Are you a fan of 'MasterChef Australia'? Then you won't want to miss this opportunity to dine on a dinner specially prepared by the show's famed judge and chef, George Calombaris, when he visits KL this month. George will be without his two accomplices Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston, but rest assured you'll be in for a real treat when the Australian chef presents his specially curated dinner menu featuring his signature dishes with an Asian twist. George will also do a live cooking demonstration for two of his dishes. That's the good news. The bad news is that this dinner is only open to invited guests, but the super good news is that we're giving away passes to this exclusive money-can't-buy dinner courtesy of Lifetime Asia (Astro Channel 709). All we need is your creativity. To be in the running for those invites, simply answer the following question:If you could prepare one Malaysian dish for George Calombaris to try, what would it be and why? (In not more than 50 words).How to...

    Brickfields' iconic Vivekananda Ashram to be redeveloped

    Thu Oct 16

    The Star reported today that the 110-year-old Vivekananda Ashram along Brickfields' Jalan Tun Sambanthan will be redeveloped to include a 23-storey residential tower and an eight-storey carpark on the site. However, the historical structure and the bronze statue of Swami Vivekananda will be retained to 'preserve its symbolic value'. Read the full story here.While we can take some comfort in the fact that the century-old landmark won't be demolished (just given some shiny, tall friends), news of its redevelopment has got us reminiscing about that time we dedicated a whole issue to Brickfields back in March 2011. And what we featured as the cover.

    Go now: Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival

    Wed Oct 15

    After a five-month open submission period, the annual environmentally themed film festival is finally taking place. The KLEFF official judges have selected 75 films to be screened, which include 19 entries from Malaysia. The festival will also feature environment-related workshops, talks and musical performances – but all eyes will be on the last day, when the KLEFF Awards Ceremony will honour filmmakers for their efforts to spread environmental awareness through film. Here are some of the films to watch: GMO OMG (Oct 18, 1.07pm) Dir Jeremy Seifert 2013 (US) In this documentary, director and concerned father Jeremy Seifert reveals the adverse effects of GMOs in our food. Travelling from city to city, he seeks to answer the question that’s become a growing concern among citizens around the world: What is really on our plate? Trashed (Oct 18, 5.35pm)Dir Candida Brady 2012 (US) Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste...
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