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    Video: Kucing Happy BSN grants your wishes

    Wed Apr 22

    Feline wisdom, right here We love cat videos, even more if the cat (sort of) grants wishes. In conjunction with BSN’s 40th anniversary, the bank has come out with a series of videos starring Kucing Happy who is determined to do his job. With his trusty sidekick Samsudin the Mangkuk, Kucing Happy tries to solve your problems in his wise and crafty ways. For example: If you want to become a Tan Sri, he admits that he has no such powers to give out the title. Instead, he’ll give you pimple cream because ‘No Tan but Seri confirmed got’. If you ask for nasi kandar, he can only give you ‘nasi-hat’ (advice) in the form of a poster reminding you ‘Don’t forget to exercise’. You can submit your wishes to Kucing Happy and follow the cat’s Twitter account for more feline wisdom. Latest blog posts Watch the videos here. Visit for more info.

    The eight species of retail assistants in KL

    Mon Apr 20

    We attempt to catalogue the varied wildlife lurking in KL’s shops 1. The Suck-up  So achingly polite it’s fake, the Suck-up is motivated by commission and will say and do anything to get a sale, including saying you look good in that dress even though it makes you look like a bulging potato sack. 2. The Clueless  Ambling along store aisles, the Clueless doesn’t know anything about the product. Oftentimes, they lie and make up facts in the hope that you don’t know anything either. They will also nod along to your questioning statements, and you may never find out whether that cardigan is 100 percent cashmere or not. 3. The Too Good to be True  The Too Good to be True is knowledgeable, helpful and blessed with common sense. It knows when you need help and when you want to be left alone. Before you know it, you’ll be handing over your credit card willingly. To elevate the pleasant experience, it even throws in free samples! This species is going places, mark our words. 4....

    City stories: Roslan, 50, petition writer

    Wed Apr 15

    Hi, can I know why are you guys hanging out here? Boleh. My name is Roslan, he is Jimmy [looks to friend beside him]. We are petition writers. We write surat rayuan (letters of appeal) for others. If anyone comes to us for help, we’ll write letters so they can submit the letters to different government departments. We help people lah. So these people don’t have computers? Some do. But some don’t. Even if they own a computer, there are many people who don’t know how to write surat rasmi (official letter). Do you write official letters only? How about love letters? There’s one. It was for a Chinese girl. Do you know what happened to these people after you write the letters? After the applications were approved, some people will come and give me an update. They come back to say thanks lah. How long have you been doing this? Twenty years. Do you have a computer? Which one do you prefer? I have one kat rumah. But if you bring a computer, you need batteries and...

    Klangers overheard at the mamak #5

    Tue Apr 14

    'I like to have enough room for my sausage to manoeuvre' Every month, we share the weird things we've overheard in KL. Got a #Klangers you want to share? Tweet us! Latest blog posts See more Klangers Klangers overheard at the mamak #1 Klangers overheard at the mamak #2 Klangers overheard at the mamak #3 Klangers overheard at the mamak #4

    Vote now: Aiyoh Wat Lah! Awards

    Fri Apr 10

    Host Ribena Berry at the Aiyoh Wat Lah! Awards

    Host Ribena Berry at the Aiyoh Wat Lah! Awards

    May the worst ones win Latest blog posts The Aiyoh Wat Lah! Awards is back, and if you’re not familiar with what it is, imagine the Razzies – if they were actually useful for anything. Launched in 2012, the annual awards is a tool to raise awareness about misogyny, sexism, homophobia and transphobia in Malaysia – as evidenced by the many facepalm-worthy statements by people we trust the country with. The committee did all the dirty work of going through media reports and shortlisted the ‘best’ statements in seven categories that highlight discrimination against women in politics, sexist and misogynistic state or federal policies, and other issues that are ‘least helpful to the sisterhood’ – which is also a category by itself. So now you only have one job – to vote by April 19. Hosted by Jo Kukathas as alter ego Ribena Berry, the awards ceremony will be held at Sarang Paloh Heritage Hotel in Ipoh, Perak on May 10 from 3pm to 5pm. The Aiyoh Wat Lah! Awards is...

    Go now: Laugh Fest 2015

    Thu Apr 9

    PJ Live Arts's annual comedy festival is back for a month of LOLs. Here’s a list of all the shows happening Latest blog posts Faulty Towers This immersive theatre piece loosely based on legendary BBC comedy 'Fawlty Towers' starring John Cleese, Prunella Scales and Andrew Sachs will surely give you a dining experience to remember. The two-hour show will see you, the audience and diner, being served by characters Sybil, Basil and Manuel. Young, Wild and Funny (Somewhat) Young comedians Gajen Nad, Prakash Daniel, Keren Bala and Brian Tan celebrate their third year in the biz with another joint stand-up show, featuring different styles and issues to poke fun at.

    Here's how to check if a restaurant charges GST and service charge

    Wed Apr 8

    This fully crowdsourced site gives you a list of restaurants in the country and whether or not they charge GST, service charge, or both Latest blog posts Okay, so we did tell you about the GST-free meals you could make at home but we get it – some days are just meant for eating out (especially with new cafés sprouting up all over town). With confusion over GST and service charges in your bill, here’s a handy website you can use to better help you make up your mind about where to eat. Created by Malaysian Estelle Chang, is a crowdsourced site that lists down restaurants and cafés in the country that apply GST, service charge, or both. If you can’t find a restaurant on the list, do your part and contribute. You'll need to register (it's free) and put in the restaurant’s name and address, receipt date, and whether or not they implement GST and service charge. If they do, you'll need to include the GST registration number and/or service...

    Wanted: Time Out interns

    Mon Apr 6

    Teach you the ways of Time Out, we shall Have you ever wondered what it would be like working with the fun editorial team at Time Out KL? Well, here's your chance to find out. We’re looking for some quality interns to help us put up more fun, exciting content to our website. Requirements - Able to work a full-time internship for a period of two months or more. - Fluent in English (both written and spoken). We can’t stress this enough. - Must possess basic computer skills (Google is going to be your best friend). Prior experience with photo editing software (Photoshop, Paint, etc.) is a bonus. - Having good knowledge about KL and its surrounds is encouraged. - You should be friendly, motivated, enthusiastic and open to new challenges. Think you have what it takes? Send your resume and cover letter to with the subject line ‘Editorial intern’. If we like what we see, we’ll call you in for a chat. Good luck! Latest blog posts

    Post-it confessions: If you were KL mayor for a day, what would you do?

    Fri Apr 3

    If you had one shot, one opportunity... Loading... Latest blog posts We've all had our complaints about the city – potholes, lack of bicycle paths, non-functioning traffic lights – but if you had the opportunity to sit in the mayor's seat for a day, what would be first on your agenda? Submit your ideas below and you might just get featured in our next post-it confessions. See all post-it confessions KLites reveal what they've always wanted to tell their mum Mum's the word. KLites reveal their worst break-up stories To quote Taylor Swift, 'We are never, ever, ever getting back together'. KLites reveal their most embarrassing moments Your cringe-worthy tales, now on a post-it note.

    Watch the lunar eclipse on Saturday

    Fri Apr 3

    Photo: ANGKASA

    Sunrise and sunsets are so last week Have your picnic mats ready because from 5pm to 11pm this Saturday (April 4), you'll be able to view the first lunar eclipse of the year, which is also said to be the shortest #TotalEclipseOfTheMoon of the century. According to the Malaysian National Space Agency (ANGKASA), the total eclipse will take place at 7.58pm and go on until 8.03pm. If you didn't pay attention in science class, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned exactly, with Earth in the middle. Here's a more scientific explanation.If you have no plans for picnics or other eclipse shindigs, ANGKASA will be hosting a viewing session at Masjid Tengku Ampuan Jemaah in Bukit Jelutong with some short film screenings about astronomy. According to ANGKASA, this will be the only eclipse Malaysians will be able to witness this year, so make the most of it. Now let's just hope it doesn't rain.  For more info, visit Latest blog posts

    Future Music Festival Asia is not coming back

    Thu Apr 2

    No future for Future Music Festival Asia After three years, organisers Livescape Asia and Future Music Group today confirmed that it's the end of the road for Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) – at least for now. Australian counterpart Future Music Festival today also announced that it would not return next year due to declining ticket sales over the last two years. No official reason was given for FMFA. 'Three years, 149 artistes and 150,000 of some of the best fans in the world later, today, we say goodbye to all of you,' said Livescape Asia in an official statement. 'Livescape Asia sheds a tear for this amazing music platform, and we stand proud of what we’ve pioneered and achieved.'While the festival may be ending its three-year run under less-than-desirable circumstances (drug-related deaths which lead to the cancellation of the festival's third day in 2014, a last-minute cancellation of what was supposed to be Singapore's first FMFA in March), let's not forget what FMFA has...

    Times Out food review: McDonald's

    Wed Apr 1

    This McDonald's got cat some more. Wah so cute!

    This McDonald's got cat some more. Wah so cute!

    McDonald's. Walao! So on Wednesday, the boss not in so we go out a bit early to go eat lunch at McDonald's. When we get there only one counter open, some of the workers just stand there only, dunno what they do also. Maybe their boss also not in.So after the five people in front of us got their food already, it is our turn. The counter girl not smiling also, but ok lah, she efficient, talk nicely, can do work lah. So we also don't want to complain lor. But later she change, she become so very nice and let us choose our toys. This one you wait, we tell you more afterwards. Picture first. So I order the fish burger (Filet-O-Fish) with the biggest fries, Coke Light and apple pie. My colleague Nadia got a Happy Meal, the one with cheeseburger and Milo ais. Maybe because she a bit small size the counter girl didn't look surprise. Or maybe a lot of adults come in and order the same thing. Or maybe she just don't care lah. I didn't ask.Then Nadia smile at her and ask to choose the toy. I...

    Quiz: Which Malaysian snack are you?

    Wed Apr 1

    You are what you eat. Take our quiz to find out exactly which snack you are We love snacking so much, we've become more and more like our food. But which snack are you exactly? Do you see yourself as the airhead bahulu or the tough muruku? Or do you have a dual-personality like the apam balik? Take our quiz to find out!So are you muruku, bahulu or apam balik? Take the quiz here. Latest blog posts

    Battle of the bottled mineral water

    Wed Apr 1

    'Like the first snowflake of the season, freshly dripped sweat off the back of an angel...' Latest blog posts Latest food features Best nasi lemak in KL We pick the best places in town for a satisfying plate of the country's pride and joy – the mighty nasi lemak Mali's Corner Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru Being one of the most recognised nasi lemak establishments in KL, they serve a basic helping of nasi lemak consisting of rice, a half boiled egg, ikan bilis and cucumber. You are then allowed to choose your preferred 'lauk' that includes sambal sotong, ayam rendang and several other unique flavours to excite your taste palettes. Nasi Lemak Tanglin Nasi Lemak Tanglin has been serving steaming plates of nasi lemak since 1948 and remains as one of the most authentic nasi lemak stalls in KL. The rice portions here are diminutive but are packed with loads of flavour. We reckon the reason the crowds throng the stall is its rice; soft, fluffy and deeply fragrant, it may just well...

    No GST for Zalora, get a discount code instead

    Tue Mar 31

    Keep calm and carry on shopping Yes, you read that right. Not only has Zalora decided against hiking up its prices by the new 6% GST levels for now – everyone’s favourite online retail store will be absorbing the painful prices of GST so we can all continue to upkeep our lavish lifestyles – but also, as of today throughout the month of April, you can use the voucher code ‘GSTDROP’ to enjoy a storewide 6% discount. The ‘GSTDROP’ voucher applies to all ZALORA in-house labels and international brands, as well as to a majority of the other brands on the retailer. TL;DR: On top of being GST-free, prices on Zalora will be lower than they were before the implementation of GST with the ‘GSTDROP’ vouchers in April, yay! Now if only we could flash our ‘GSTDROP’ code for, you know, everything else. Latest blog posts

    GST-free meals you can make at home

    Fri Mar 27

    How do you beat the system when GST comes into effect this April 1? Simple – make your own meals using fresh ingredients. Here's how With GST (Goods and Services Tax) about to rear its six percent-charging head and change our lives forever (or something a little less dramatic), you're probably already trying to cross off everything you can on your pre-GST bucket list (go to the movies, stock up on beauty and skincare products, get a haircut, etc.). But what happens when we enter the GST ages? We're not going to bore you with the details, so if you want a full list of everything that's subjected to GST, you can download the full list here (but we must warn you that it's a very long, boring and slightly pixelated document complete with acknowledgements and introductory messages no one really cares about). In short, fresh produce, meat, spices and controlled items like cooking oil, sugar and rice are exempted; it's mostly the pre-packaged stuff that's taxed, although exceptions...

    Videos: GST songs for the weekend

    Fri Mar 27

    GST tanya apa khabar... As the rakyat is feverishly stocking up on GST-affected items such as shampoo and imported coffee, here are some catchy tunes to alleviate the paranoia. Fear not, for the Kastam is here to explain the Goods and Services Tax, complete with smooth harmonies, helpful infographics and karaoke-style lyrics for you to sing along. Uploaded by Youtube user selamat pagi gadis (which specialises in sensational videos such as Ustazs eating roti jala and mat kpops’ antics onstage), the three-minute video titled 'lagu GST versi Kastam' is one of the more mind-blowing multimedia creations we’ve seen this year. Check out the Royal Malaysian Customs Department’s creative efforts here: Changing track, Youtube user vitaminbie has created a GST parody from Joe Flizzow ft SonaOne’s track ‘Apa Khabar’. In comparison with the Kastam's video, there are no complex props here, but just deftly parodied lyrics from the original song. Hats off to Mr Bie for voicing our...

    'Parks and Recreation's Pawnee is modelled after KL

    Fri Mar 27

    Photo: NBC

    Pawnee boleh! 'Parks and Recreation' fans, here’s a fun fact: Pawnee is actually based on KL. Okay, so we don’t know for sure if Mike Schur is just messing with us or if it’s actually true, but in an interview with Vulture, the Parks and Rec co-creator finally spilled the beans: ‘Okay, you can go to pretty much any town in Indiana and most people there will have a million reasons why Pawnee is based on their town – but really, it's Lafayette, right?Actually, no. I swore I would never reveal this, but now that the show is over: The actual model for Pawnee is Kuala Lumpur.’ But some things do ring a bell: Pawnee vs Eagleton, Pawnee’s penchant for unhealthy food, the travesty that is Pawnee television (Joan Callamezzo and Perd Hapley anyone?), ridiculous laws and how impossible it is to get anything done. And now that you've mentioned it Mike, we do see a bit of Hannah Yeoh and Nurul Izzah in Leslie Knope after all. Now let’s have a waffle. Latest blog posts

    The best of KL in superlists: Here's a look inside the April 2015 issue

    Thu Mar 26

    Featuring the city's best nasi lemak, roti, vintage shops, bookstores, hiking trails and more. New issue hits newsstands April 1 In Food, we bury our fingers in rice and curry to track down some of Klang Valley's lesser known banana leaf restaurants alongside some old favourites. Also in this section: food reviews, six new restaurants and cafés to check out, and a battle of the Australian ginger beers. Looking to redecorate your home? In Shopping & Style, we check out the city's furniture and home decor stores which stock local and regional designs so your living room can also look like a trendy café. In Around Town, we check out Slackline KL to learn all about the art of balancing on a rope (tied between two trees), and tell you the best places to check out in Bangsar's Lorong Kurau. For our anniversary issue, we present to you the best things KL has to offer, from outstanding nasi lemak stalls to the top slangs only Malaysians would say, in just the way you like it: Lists!...

    Video: Bihzhu’s ‘Bright Veins’

    Wed Mar 25

    Photo: The Spacemen

    Need a midweek pick-me-up? Let Bihzhu help you – with her music anyway. The Penang-born songstress evokes optimism in her new single ‘Bright Veins’, as she assures us that ‘Everything will be okay’. Bihzhu’s comforting, honeyed vocals are accompanied by the sounds of tabla, gamelan, kompang and dholak. Directed by The Spacemen, the music video features your average Malaysians, reminding us that wherever we come from, we all need that sanguine beat to get through the day. Latest blog posts For more on Bihzhu, visit Buy 'Bright Veins' at
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