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A Most Violent Year

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Taken 3

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The Rewrite

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Five cult TV comedies to watch

With big names like ‘Modern Family’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ only just returning from their annual mid-season breaks, We pick five unsung cult TV comedies from the past and the present to fill the mainstream gap Broad City Best for: ‘Girls’ enthusiasts who actually want characters they can root for What it's about: ‘Broad City’ was originally a well-received 2009 web series created by its two leading ladies, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. Fast-forward six years and this rambunctious Comedy Central gem about a pair of struggling, low-income twenty-somethings in New York City, is returning for its sophomore run this month following a sparkling early 2014 debut. Why you should watch it: There’s nothing anodyne about ‘Broad City’. While ‘Girls’ veers precariously towards the self-indulgent and ‘2 Broke Girls’ tends to be over-the-top unfunny, this on-going Amy Poehler-produced comedy offers a winning trifecta of endearing sisterhood, irreverent humour and laugh-a-minute debauchery. Party Down Best for: ‘Silicon Valley’ obsessives who like their comedy deadpan and dry.  What it's about: Before Lizzy Caplan wowed audiences as Virginia Johnson in the 2013 Showtime period drama ‘Masters of Sex’, the ‘Mean Girls’ alum starred opposite ‘Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott in this little-watched 2009 comedy series. ‘Party Down’, which ran for two oh-too-brief seasons on the Starz network before being cancelled in 2010, revolves around a ragtag group of down

Binary love: Silicon Valley

It might have all started with ‘Betas’, but TV shows like ‘Silicon Valley’ are pushing the computer geek genre into a whole new age.

Mike Bridavsky interview

Internet cat sensation Lil Bub’s ‘dude’ talks lap cats and crazy cat guys.

Heston Blumenthal interview

'I love a wet, sloppy pizza'

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