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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>3</span>/5

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<strong>Rating: </strong><span class='lf-avgRating'>3</span>/5
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Venue details

  • Address:

    Dalston Jazz Bar 4 Bradbury Street
    N16 8JN

  • Venue phone:

    020 7254 9728

  • Opening hours:

    Open 5pm-3am Mon-Thur; 5pm-5am Fri, Sat; 5pm-2am Sun

  • Transport:

    Tube: Dalston Junction or Dalston Kingsland rail

  • Map

    1. Dalston Jazz Bar
      • 4 Bradbury Street
        N16 8JN
      • 020 7254 9728
      • 51.548614,-0.076209

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3.3 / 5

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Ryan C

Truly an experience worth having. Came in a tad sceptical because from the outside it's not your typical A-list restaurant but wasn't I in for a surprise. From the moment I entered, the atmosphere, the staff, the harmonious blend of vibrant and funky tones from the live band hit me full circle and from that second I knew I was hooked. The food was exquisite, succulent and refreshing and quite a good portion for the relatively cheap price. Me and my partner decided to have cocktails which were presented in an unconventional yet chic fashion and tasted wonderful. Robert (the owner) was a charming and plesantly eccentric individual possessing knowlegdeable and pleasant staff. Definitely looking forward to coming again, might stick around for the club night as well as I hear they play quite a diverse range of music to suit everyones' taste. Thumbs up

Tim B

I have been going to the Dalston Jazz Bar regularly since 5 years now. I have never been disappointed on any occasion! Lovely Food! Authentic Jazz Music, not like other "Jazz Bars". It is one of its kind. 

Christel R

This place is magic.  What not to love about it? The food is amazing, service is good and the music incredible. The best night out in Dalston!

Signora L

This is such a charming place! The staff is really friendly and helpful, the food is delicious and not too expensive and the atmosphere is great. We had the best time in ages and really enjoyed the live jazz while eating. I wouldn't know how to describe this place best. A cocktail bar? A restaurant? A live music venue? Well, it’s all of the above and much more. Really worth a visit!

Social Butterfly

Very unfortunate to have experienced this place - one of the most disappointing and disastrous evenings out in years! If you ever see a deal on the likes of Living Social, Groupon, et al, leave well alone, even if it's free.  

Took ages to book and the owner was very uncompromising, albeit he promised to sort something out.

The food was very poor: bland, poorly presented and not as described on the menu. The dessert was supposed to be served hot and with strawberries and cream, but turned up cold and with mashed raspberries with a poor excuse for a drizzle of single cream - it was like the person pouring it was a tad shy, saying, "We've got cream but you're not having any and to prove it, we're just going to put a spit on your plate!" Stopped a waitress to point out it should be strawberries and cream and not raspberries and she said "Well, we haven't got any."  I asked why we weren't informed instead of just being served with an alternative and what if we had been allergic to raspberries?  "Oh yeah," she said, "didn't think of that." She walked off.

We asked a waiter to have the cake re-heated, remove the mashed raspberries and pour a generous helping of cream over the cake.  However, the cake came back cold again and by this time we were exasperated.  Again, I mentioned that it was still cold and the waiter shrugged his shoulders and walked off!  Incredulous.

The service was horrendous.  

Only consolation was the jazz set during dinner which, unfortunately, didn't last that long before they took a break but we were ready to run for the hills by then.

Even if I saw it offered free, I would run a mile in the opposite direction.  Got to be the worst place I have had the displeasure to visit. I would not recommend this establishment to anyone.

I didn't want to give it any stars but couldn't post the review without one :(


Although I was excited and optimistic about trying out the Dalston Jazz Bar, I was extremely disappointed and really wish I would have read the reviews online. I never really write reviews for things, but I thought the word needed to be spread on this business to maybe spare a couple people their time and effort. After checking ON THEIR WEBSITE that it was free to get in before midnight, we showed up around 11 pm, where the bouncer told us it was 3 pounds... (what..?) So we asked him to clarify - he said it was 3 pounds before midnight and 5 pounds after. We were a bit confused, so we stepped off to the side with our group to pull up the webpage on our phones. Sure enough, it was their webpage, and it said it was free before midnight, as it did before. We proceeded to show the bouncer, to which then he then began to come up with a bunch of horrible, pathetic excuses ("that's not out website," etc.). We asked to speak to the manager, as these are obviously dodgey business practices, and their website was false-advertising, and he said that we couldn't. He seemed to think he was above us in some sort of way. Umm... buddy? You're working at the door. You work for a business, in which you should be trying to make the customer happy, not the other way around. Anyway, we ended up going to the Alibi, where we got in free right away. Don't go here; try Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston or any other place before you go here. The people are pricks, and the venue is tiny anyway.


After reading the review below I had to put pen to paper. I happen to be sitting next to the above customers table on the night. The wine was £24 : yes the place is small, thats the charm of the place cosy. The food was excellent. The customers below was upset because the lamb ran out. I had the lamb it was wonderful. The customers had rabbit instead. They eat it all no complaints . They refuse to pay becuase the lamb ran out. This is crazy! Furthermore these customers had cheap vouchers two three course meal for £29. Furthermore, a bottle of chateauneuf -du-pape. For £24: this chep. Plus tinclued in there price is live jazz. What i observed was a owner who was very polite trying to deal with some very cheap customers in a restaurant above their station.. Great place


What a terrible night... Food poor.. Service even poorer.. Owner very rude and would never go there again.. Tiny little place .. Can only say go somewhere else


I love this jazz Bar. It's a great place to just hang out with friends, have a few drinks and enjoy a good feed and it always has been. I love the fact that it is one of a handful of establishments that has retained it's original charm for over 10 years.The atmosphere is fantastic, it's warm and inviting and will always remain one of my favourite places in Dalston!

Gabriel savage

This is a very nice Jazz bar. They serve good food and alcohol here to keep you busy while listening to performances. Service is good and performance is usually pretty top-notch. It is a good place to go on a date or with fellow music lovers!


Purchased a groupon for 3 course meal with family, overall mixed impressions with mains and starters but generally good. Dessert a little disappointing with 1 choice a fruit platter. Wonderful atmosphere the music was fantastic and the staff friendly, engaging and helpful and the service was great. Had previously read on website cocktail prices £4.50 until 12 and bottled wine starting from £16 which was not the case on the evening, a little frustrating, however did not ruin the evening. Perhaps some clarity on the site re small print from groupon users would be better.


Found my new favorite place. The food was really good enjoyed it very much. The staff were all great and friendly, very good cocktails They had also live jazz on after that a DJ came on, which was nice. Overall a great night out with friends.


Decided to check out the bar's new weekly comedy event last night. It was hilarious! I was surprised to see the bar so quiet, but after speaking to the owner, he informed that the event was only in its second week. I strongly recommend the event to anyone that fancies a laugh. It was free to get in, the comedy started at about 8:30pm and was a very enjoyable evening.


I've been going to the Dalston Jazz Bar for more than 10 years and I still love it. For those who were in Dalston before the recent hipster invasion, the Jazz Bar is something of an institution. It is a special place for how it mixes different styles in the decor, the music and the food they serve. Robert is a bit of a funny character, but I can’t recognize him in the comments below. He has always behaved so nicely towards me and my friends. I will always recommend this place because I had (and still have) so much fun in there. Try the live jazz nights on Fridays and Saturdays they are really worth a visit!


As many here are pointing out, the owner should be reported and boycotted by everyone. He kept postponing or not answering my email requests for a booking, until it was too late to redeem my livingsocial voucher. I will report him to livingsocial as well. Such individuals should not be allowed to run a business at all.


Booked with a LivingSocial voucher, was told dinner would be served at 7.30pm, no other time offered. We arrived at 7.30pm, orders taken after 8pm. Quality of food very poor and no flavour to the food. Starter awful, main course awful, and no choice of desert, only awful apple crumble with runny cream. The quality of the food wasn't even worth half of the price I paid for the voucher! This has to be the worst place I've ever paid to eat at! The venue was a dive and dirty. We asked them to change the background music to a Jazz cd instead of 60s music. The only good thing was the band. The music was good but not good enough to ever go back (even if you paid us!!). DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY, STAY AWAY!!


Zero stars - Nasty customer service, dodgy premises, refusal to give us our money back - an all round bad experience... My friend and I had been trying to book this place for months, after we bought a group on deal. We were assured that they would get back to us with an available date. Several emails and phone calls later (we started this process back in May this year) we finally had a date in December. We arrived to find the place flooded - mops everywhere. The owner told us he'd sent an email two hours ago letting us know not to come. We hadn't received it. Fed up with the constant rebooking, we asked for our money back. We received some long-winded tirade from the manager about how they don't get paid for the group on deals until we use the service - so we'd need to book in another date. I quote: "What can I do? I could apologise, but, there's nothing I can do..." An apology (and a refund) would be the least I'd expect in this situation, but sadly the Dalston Jazz Club failed to deliver either of these. Even if the place hadn't have been flooded, it didn't look fit to eat or drink in. If you're thinking about coming here, please, just don't do it!


After reading the reviews on here we were dubious about even going but we took the chance and are glad we did. Robert was very accommodating, we're vegetarian and he especially cooked us up something which wasn't on the menu. The restaurant itself had an early 80's style theme hence the decor, it made for a different feel which is always welcome. The jazz band arrived at around 8:30 and instead of playing a set, had a jamming session which we thought was fantastic! My only gripe might be the service, it took a while for our drinks order to be taken and then a 10-15 minute wait in between courses. This actually worked out in time with the arrival of the jazz band but all in all a good night, would definitely recommend.


not what i expected at all. No jazz, random 60s music mixed in with some samba and all kinds of unexpected surprises. it feels like you are at a random house party but everyone is dancing and the crowd are friendly.