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  • Rated as: 4/5

What do you say to a priest you plan to shoot pointblank between the eyes? ‘Say...

Under the Skin

  • Rated as: 5/5

ET landed in the cosy American suburbs and wanted to go home. Now Scarlett...

The Lunchbox

  • Rated as: 3/5

It’s ‘84 Charing Cross Road’ with extra chutney in this enormously likeable...

The Grand Budapest Hotel

  • Rated as: 4/5

While other filmmakers get their hands dirty in kitchen sinks, Wes Anderson...

Nymphomaniac: Part One

  • Rated as: 4/5

Lars Von Trier’s wild, sprawling ‘Nymphomaniac’ is an orgy of the sublime...


  • Rated as: 4/5

British screenwriter Steven Knight has always shown a keen eye for real life,...

12 Years a Slave

  • Rated as: 5/5

With the release of ‘Django Unchained’ and now this more restrained...

The Double

  • Rated as: 3/5

Jesse Eisenberg’s office drone Simon, faced with the sudden appearance of his...

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