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Mark's Bar

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Rob Greig / Time Out
Rob Greig / Time Out
Rob Greig / Time Out
Rob Greig / Time Out
Rob Greig / Time Out
Rob Greig / Time Out

The basement at Hix Soho is consistently busy in the evening. And we understand why: this is a first-rate bar in nearly every respect. The historical drinks are both interesting and good, especially those in the Cocktail Explorer’s Club list; rum drinkers should make a beeline for the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club: Mount Gay Barbados rum with orange curacao, Mark’s own falernum and lime juice. The selection of scotch would take several months to drink through. The bar ‘snax’ are terrific, and you can also order from the carte if you want something substantial. And the place looks great, with its big smoked mirrors. Our only complaint is the lighting, subdued in some places and too bright in others. Also worth remembering: there are more spaces for larger groups than for just a couple. Not a complaint, just an observation. The quibbles don’t detract greatly from the classiness of Mark’s.


Venue name: Mark's Bar
Address: Hix
Cross street: 66-70 Brewer Street
Opening hours: Open/food served 11am-1am Mon-Sat; 11.30am-midnight Sun
Transport: Tube: Piccadilly Circus tube
Price: Main courses £14.75-£32.50. Set meal (4.30-6.30pm Mon-Fri; noon-6.30pm Sat, Sun) £19.50 2 courses, £24.50 3 courses

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Tony C
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Excellent drinks, great food, fun atmosphere, staff were really sweet, went the extra mile. Was surprised after reading the reviews below.

Mathew S
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Love this place. An oasis of cocktail genius in beer swilling Soho. The guys at the bar always remember me, and know I'm up for one of their latest concoctions. They are artists, and are warm and inviting.


Browsing for cocktail bars in London, after reading the reviews on this one I will be avoiding it.


Great place with brilliant cocktails and great staff....up to a point - the maître d'/bar manager can be incredibly rude and dismissive. If it wasn't for him it would be a 5 star place.


if you appreciate attention to detail when your drinks are being made, this is the place for you.

Mark H

AVOID - appalling customer service. Seven of us we were there for 30 minutes when a very rude lady came over to us and demanded that we either split up the group up or leave as she didn't want a large group in the bar. I have never been asked to leave a bar before


I have experienced similar rudeness from the staff here on two occasions. The first time was with a friend and we were left speechless by the abrupt rudeness when we were asked to 'drink up' in order to make way for others. That kind of thing ruins your evening I'm afraid but I decided to put it down to being a one off. The second time I was enjoying an evening meal with a good friend and we were certainly happy to drop a fair amount of cash on several courses and drinks. It amazed me that when we were still eating and drinking that we were approached and told that we would need to 'hurry along' for the next sitting!! After we had finished eating and were enjoying the remainder of the bottle of wine we had ordered with dinnner we were made to stand at the bar where we were clearly in the way of the other staff. Lesson learned I'm afraid - I wouldn't recommend this place - the food is reasonably good but London has much better to offer elsewhere.


AVOID! I have never been spoken to so rudely in a bar before. We were sitting on a table on a fairly quiet evening, we had just received our 3rd round when a member of staff marched over and told us that obviously we were not aware but they had a group policy of only 6 people (there were 7 of us). She even more rudely suggested she could tell us where else we could drink in the area - which was her way of telling us to leave immediately. With all due respect - if this was a policy the waitress obviously wasn't aware of it - she should not have served us another round. We had just received our drinks so had to quickly drink up. Possibly the worst part was her telling us where else we could go - we know the area probably better than she does, she was incredibly patronising. She was also very angry at us which I don't understand as we were quiet and had caused no trouble. I don't expect to be spoken to in this way especially after having spent a considerable amount of money. Drinks are totally overpriced and service is beyond poor.


What started as a nice evening in Mark's Bar was sullied by a matradee that was not only one of the RUDEST people I have ever encountered working in a bar or restaurant, but anywhere full stop. Having sat in a quite corner, my group of 5 swelled to 7 following the arrival of my brother and a friend who just stopping by on her way to dinner elsewhere. Before they had a chance to order from the friendly waitress, the matradee approached us an stated word for word "you people may not be aware of our policy, but we do not allow large groups in here and I suggest you leave". We had been in the bar for about 90mins and had spent approximately £100. We were not made aware of their "group" policy and the waitress who was happy to keep serving us did not know of it either. Rather than argue the point we finished our drinks and asked for the bill, at which stage we had to argue (quite stongly) on why we shouldn't pay the service charge. Rude staff, overpriced drinks and more rude staff. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID ! !

Patsi Mackenzie

Had a fabulous, impromptu, late evening in here. Busy Friday night, but staff went out of their way for us, having dined at Hix beforehand. Such a lovely atmos and great, classy service ......

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Holy crap! I was going to meet a few friends here for a chat about working together, but after reading the reviews about the customer service and staff attitude, I definitely will avoid this place!