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  • Who am I? exhibit

    Ben Rowe / Time Out

    Who am I? exhibit
  • Who am I? exhibit

    Ben Rowe / Time Out

    Who am I? exhibit
  • Cosmos and Culture exhibition

    Michelle Grant / Time Out

    Cosmos and Culture exhibition
  • Science Museum exhibit

    Jonathan Perugia / Time Out

    Science Museum exhibit
  • Who am I? exhibit

    Ben Rowe / Time Out

    Who am I? exhibit
  • Science Museum exhibit

    Jonathan Perugia / Time Out

    Science Museum exhibit
  • © Michelle Grant

  • Antenna Gallery

    Ben Rowe / Time Out

    Antenna Gallery
  • © Elisabeth Blanchet

  • © Elisabeth Blanchet

  • Kids, Science Museum imax

    Kids, Science Museum imax

Who am I? exhibit

Ben Rowe / Time Out

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    Science Museum Exhibition Rd
    SW7 2DD

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    0870 870 4868

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    Daily 10am-6pm (last adm 5.15pm)

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    Tube: South Kensington

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  • Rating: 4/5

Deep underground near the Swiss-French border is a tunnel the size of the Circle Line. This 27km ring of superconducting electromagnets is, at peak times, one of the hottest, busiest places in the universe. And – TfL take note – the subatomic particles...

  1. Fri Apr 18 – Tue May 6
  2. Science Museum Exhibition Rd, SW7 2DD
  3. £10, £7 concs
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3D: Printing the Future

Things to do, Science

  • Free

Yes 3D printing is slow, and yes, it’s incredibly expensive, but it’s also one of the most revolutionary inventions of our lifetimes. But is it really going to democratise the means of production and overhaul global capitalism? Or is it just overhyped...

3D: Printing the Future
  1. Fri Apr 18 – Sun Jun 1
  2. Science Museum Exhibition Rd, SW7 2DD
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Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology

Science and technology, Things to do

  • Free

This exhibition promises to be a fascinating journey through the science of mental health from 1780 – right up to the present. Cleverly, the curators have chosen to focus on four key episodes, looking at such controversial therapies as Mesmerism (a kind...

Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology
  1. Fri Apr 18 – Tue Aug 12
  2. Science Museum Exhibition Rd, SW7 2DD
More info

Science Museum Live Presents The Energy Show

Things to do, Kids' activities

Along with the picnics and days out, give the kids a chance to feed their brains during the holidays with the Science Museum's family theatre, taking place twice a day in the new theatre space. The sci-fi story of Annabella and Phil's race against time...

Science Museum Live Presents The Energy Show
  1. Tue Jul 22 – Sun Aug 3
  2. Science Museum Exhibition Rd, SW7 2DD
  3. £13.50, £9.50 kids, family tickets from...
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The Energy Show

Science and technology, Fringe, Things to do, Drama, Kids' activities, Kids' theatre

A fun, madcap show featuring students from the future Annabella and Phil who have to race to prove their knowledge of energy through live experiments. Watch flaming methane bubbles, Van de Graff generator and hydrogen filled rockets.  This should make...

  1. Fri Apr 18 – Sun Aug 3
  2. Science Museum Exhibition Rd, SW7 2DD
  3. £15
More info

Unlocking Lovelock: Scientist, Inventor, Maverick

Things to do

In 2012 the Science Museum acquired the archive of James Lovelock – the man behind the Gaia hypothesis that the earth is a self-regulating system, but a pioneer also in medicine and space exploration. This exhibition explores the discoveries and postulations...

Unlocking Lovelock: Scientist, Inventor, Maverick
  1. Fri Apr 18 – Thu Apr 9 2015
  2. Science Museum Exhibition Rd, SW7 2DD
  3. Free
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Lauren S

Slightly underwhelming as wasn't as interactive as I was expecting, or indeed as interactive as it could be. It was interesting nonetheless though.

Absolutely brilliant. Great for a day out and I must say, the food was fantastic too. Fabulous gift shop where you can easily spend too much! 

Absolutely brilliant. Great for a day out and I must say, the food was fantastic too. Fabulous gift shop where you can easily spend too much! 

kimberley d


Great for the family or with friends, great as a date idea too!

Pack a lunch as food a little pricey and get there early to avoid a long wait!


This is a perfect museum for science lovers and for whole family as well. It is made for all kind of people from kids to old no matter u will have fun

Ashley Campbell

Its great because you can go back so many times and see something new every time, lots of fun interactive and educational things.

N. Colaco

Great place to spend the day! I have been there over 5 times and i never get bored, this museum it is an amazing place!


Not just a fun day out for this science geek, but a brilliant and diverse collection of things to get your mind going. Interactive exhibits are absolutely wonderful, and our visit took hours upon hours as we got absorbed in playing with things. Great fun!


Great fun to visit. I went with someone who believes that what doesn't say "Don't touch" you can touch it...well not every time so when you hear the alarm you definitely put your hand on something which you shouldn't. Whether you visit with kids or friends it is just a nice place to be and have some fun to wonder about things and see objects which you didn't even know exist :)

Anna dobie

The science museum is a fantastic place for a day out - children of all ages will love the interactive element and so much to see and do - you will need more than one visit to cram everything in,

Anna Goedeke

I went to the Science Museum with my nephew and niece and must say that it is a wonderful day for a fun day out. Each of the kids decided on one section to see, we went to one of the bubble shows for kids and then the kids played in the play area. They loved it and want to go again next time they visit!

Diana B

This is one of my favourite London Museums. It makes me feel like a kid again - really fun and interactive. I especially love all the 'Lates' events they have on the last wednesday of every month. Highly recommend it.



Olivia Russell

I'm embarrassed to admit I wasn't overly impressed with the Science museum, I thoroughly enjoyed the 4D space experience, it was an extra cost but it was worth every penny. The space exhibition (free) was also great. However, otherwise I found it not to live up to my expectations - I thought it would be more interactive and encourage fascination, unfortunately it didn't and I will be sticking to the natural history museum in future.


A fun and interactive museum, with lots of free exhibits. The only downside is that it closes too early for an after work visit!


Went for the was so cool!! What an experience Silent disco was the best

George A

The science museum is one of the better museums in London.. You go in knowing a little about the science in the world then you come out knowing 100% more , Fantastic for families and anyone who loves science!! Highly recommend..

Andrea Miller

An amazing Museum made all the better for being free to enter. When you arrive it is necessary to file past museum staff who ask for your donation so, up to you if you want to contribute. Exhibits and content are wonderful and it is great for kids. So much so, that during school holidays it is chaotic, so if you don't like hoards of children grabbing your legs and running amok then best avoided during those periods.


Simply excellent,all three of my sons enjoyed it thouroughly(they didn't want to leave!).Would definately recomend a visit to family and friends.

Kelsey J

Though certainly dwarfed by its neighbour the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum has some good exhibits and cafes, and, even better, has no line-up. In particular the space exhibit is neat to take a look at, as is the large steam train in the entrance foyer. No match for the Natural History Museum, but great for days when that line-up is more than you care to handle.

Nigel Evans

The Science Museum has been a wonderful place to visit with my primary school class for many years now. The helpers really do help and the children always have a brilliant time.


Museum is very interesting with many many items. I recommend it for everyone (is not just for science fans).


The Apollo 10 CSM callsign was Charlie Brown. The lunar module model beside it had the callsign Snoopy. I thought at the time it was cheeky, but it all worked and checked out the whole Saturn 5/Apollo system for the first landing 2 months later in July 1969. As challenged by President John F Kennedy in 1961. The feat was repeated in November 1969. Twice before the decade was out. I may be wrong, but I think Snoopy is still in lunar orbit. Who knows, one day........! The science museum has 7 floors. It would need a day for each floor do do properly. That is a whole week for one Museum. Is the Vickers Vimy still there? It was the first aeroplane to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1919.


Great place to spend a few hours, especially if the weathers bad. Plenty to see, very informative and loads to keep the kids interested.


Still a great place to go for little and big kids alike!


What an amazing way to spend a soggy day in London town! Loads for adults to enjoy and be amazed with! Enough 'serious' things for kids to 'play' and press buttons..... And then the third floor... FANTASTIC!!!! (even for BIG kids!) Great!!! and free!! we will be back!!!

Charlotte Jackson

I have been many times and am never disappointed! There is so much to see and do, and always something new that you hadn't noticed on a previous visit!

Kate Rushton

I love the Science Museum. Since I was knee high to a grasshopper I have been visiting this place.

Dawn Thompson

The Science Museum is a great place to visit for all ages especially on a rainy day. Its made even better by the fact its free and being so close to South Kensington where there are great places to eat. Id highly recommend some of the science lates nights! Great fun!


The Science Museum was amazing, my first thought was WOW there was so much to see. The display of lights as you first walk in was eye catching and amazing to watch.


This museum is brilliant, a must visit for the children. My daughter loves the hand on work shop and the shows.


Great day out and not just for kids. You would need 3+ hours to see everything but this museum is simply amazing. Don't visit London without giving a pop in.

Beki Lacy

The Science Museum has to be by far my favorite place in all of London. I have been coming here at least once a year since being very young with my family - there's literally something to do for EVERY age. I especially love the interactive area and their IMAX cinema as they make me feel like I'm in the year 3000! Have learnt so many interesting facts over my previous visits and I can't wait to go back in a few months time!

Rebecca Holden

This museum is first rate - a great day out for free. Actually, you could spend a whole week there and still not see or do everything that is available. As it is free, I would highly recommend buying tickets for the "fly 360" experience on level 3 - a flight simulator that actually flies like a real jet aeroplane, including rotating through 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally - the best fun I have had in ages, and surprisingly not at all stomach churning. On the downside I would recommend bringing your own picnic as the food and drinks inside the museum were expensive - £25 for 2 sandwiches, 2 packets of crisps, 2 cake slices and 2 drinks, but the make your own milkshakes were delicious.


Brilliant museum, always worth a visit, lots of interesting exhibits and the IMAX is breathtaking!

Rebecca Holden

This museum is packed to the rafters with exciting and interesting displays and activities, as well as real time experiments - when we visited there was an experiment being conducted by a leading university about the cultural and age influences on musical tastes, which we really enjoyed being part of. As it is also free to get in, you could spend the whole week there with no expense and still find things to do. However, I would highly recommend splashing out on the Fly 360 capsule experience - a flight simulator that reacts to your controls just like a jet plane, and thus completes full 360 rotations - the best experience outside of Universal studios ever! On the down side, the food in the venue is very expensive, so it is worth taking a packed lunch or buying from a shop rather than buying inside the museum itself.


A fantastic venue for all ages at no cost - what more could you want! In addition, if you wanted to enjoy the venue without lots of kids around, try out the museum late evening openings for adults only.

matt jones

A truly great experience for any generation of the family. I took my nephew there and it was as though Christmas had come early for him. All the areas are very well thought out and displayed excellently. I don't claim to know a great deal of general knowledge or other facts but coming here has taught me a great amount of new facts that I could maybe use one day in the local pub quiz. My nephew is already bugging me about are next visit ( which i'm sure won't be long) Thank you again for a great time and we both look forward to our next visit.

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