Mammoths: Ice Age Giants

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© Shemanovsky Museum - Exhibition Complex

Lyuba was discovered by reindeer herder Yuri Khudi and his sons along along the frozen Yuribei River in May 2007

© Shemanovsky Museum - Exhibition Complex

After the discovery, Lyuba was sent to the Shemanovsky Museum - Exhibition Complex in Salekhard, Russia

© The Field Museum, Chicago

Illustration by Velizar Simeonovski of what Lyuba would have looked like when she died over 42,000 years ago

Mastodon skeleton © Harry Taylor, NHM
Mammoth skull © The Trustees of the Natural History Museum
Woolly mammoth skull ©
© The Field Museum

Woolly Mammoths, illustration by Velizar Simeonovski

Come face to face with some of the largest mammals to have walked the Earth. Huge fossils, skeletons and life-sized models will tower over you in a mighty clash of tusks and trunks. Meet the infamous woolly mammoth, the spiral-tusked Columbian mammoth and their island-dwelling relative, the dwarf mammoth. Explore the behaviour, environment and evolution of prehistoric creatures such as the fearsome sabre-tooth cat and the giant cave bear. Imagine life as a mammoth by feeling the huge weight of food they would have consumed every day and trying tusk jousting.

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