Afghan Army Girls

Sat Jun 15, 8-9pm, More4



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The British and American withdrawal from Afghanistan will soon begin in earnest. And when the architects of the invasion are asked what they’ve achieved, this film will presumably be the kind of thing they cite. It follows the lives of three female recruits to the Afghan National Army as they embark on a six-month basic training course in the face of opposition from their extended families for working outside their homes and coming into contact with men.

Zeinab, 21, is trying to escape an arranged marriage. Homa, 25, is a single mum, forced into this most perilous of professions in order to provide for her son. Meanwhile, 22-year-old Samiya seems conflicted, espousing conservative ideas about the role of women which clash jarringly with her career. No previews were available, but this could be fascinating.

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