Arne Dahl

Sat Apr 20, 9-10.30pm, BBC4



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<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5

Series one, episode three
This latest Saturday night crimefest might be superficially comparable to the likes of ‘The Killing’ and ‘The Bridge’. But actually, its own distinct identity is becoming clearer. ‘Arne Dahl’ is very much an ensemble piece and, as such, likely to be a grower – we’ll care more about this posse of cops once their individual quirks become apparent.

Tonight, in part one of two-parter 'Bad Blood', they’re on the trail of an American serial killer who has managed to sneak into Sweden. He’s prolific and brutal – his modus operandi involves the judicious use of a pair of specially made pliers. But all the while, the team have their own worries – Hjelm’s wayward son, Norlander’s loneliness and Kerstin’s concerns about the job’s toll on her soul all crop up tonight. And look out for another small-hours visit from the enigmatic Persian cleaner who, it seems, appears only to Gunnar. Early days, but this dark, complex show already has plenty to recommend it.

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The first two-parter was excellent - so I was looking forwaerd to this next pair: "Bad Blood". Well... it was very good - except for the non-credibe airport scene (as CharlaG says). Why on earth didn't they: (a) bottle-up the passengers and work through them one by one; and/or (b) get the photos taken of each passenger by passport control; and/or (c) use the CCTV images of passengers passing through passport control... and so on. Apart from that absurd scene, excellent


I really wanted this series to be good enough to like (I'm a big fan of Scandi crime drama). But the sheer incompetence of the supposedly crack 'A' Team is stretching credulity. They pretty much lost me when the terrorist/ serial killer was allowed to wander through customs and out of the airport because 'trouble' with the FBI computers meant the team weren't given the name the suspect was flying under in time to recognise and stop him. Excuse me? They knew he was on board when he was half way over the Atlantic - why was anyone let off the plane at all until the police were ready to process them? Is there some kind of civil liberties legislation in Sweden that says you may not inconvenience passengers in the course of a murder/ terrorist investigation?


Happiness is a dip into an excellent drama and this is one.

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