Artifacts of A Life Lived By the Living (To Live)

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Alicia McCarthy, courtesy of Craft and Folk Art Museum
Untitled, 2013 crayon, house paint, and gouache on found wood, 22 ½ x 31 inches

Though there are artworks in this exhibition, what is actually curated in Artifacts of A Life Lived By the Living (To Live) are the artists themselves. Artist Chris Johanson chose a group of artists to feature based on their stories and their common need to create to bring or establish order in their lives. Their works span many mediums: drawings, painting, site-specific installations, sound, performance, and movement. The artists featured are Alex Cohen, Alicia McCarthy, Carmen Papalia, John Ratliff (Swan), Justin “Kutmah” McNulty, Kal Spelletich, Kim MacConnel, Liz Harris, Michael Bernard Loggins, and Sue Tompkins.

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