Delicious Food Corner

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Photograph: Christine Ver
Hong Kong-style coffee at Delicious Food Corner
Photograph: Christine Ver
Chicken and abalone congee at Delicious Food Corner
Photograph: Christine Ver
Delicious Food Corner
Photograph: Christine Ver
Baked pineapple bun at Delicious Food Corner
Monterey Park

The Chinese translation of this SGV restaurant is yuanwei dian, meaning "authentic diner." And the name is spot-on: The menu selections at this no-frills Cantonese eatery are truly reminiscent of the morning fare in Hong Kong.  Be prepared to wait in line for star dishes such as the congee—try the chicken and abalone variety ($8.50)—and the baked pineapple buns ($2.75) that are stuffed with a dollop of butter. Add in a HK-style coffee, sweetened with condensed milk and complimentary with a combo order, for good measure.

Venue name: Delicious Food Corner
Address: 2327 S Garfield Ave
Los Angeles

Opening hours: Tues-Sat 8am-10pm; Sun 8am-4pm
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