Luscious Dumplings

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Photograph: Jakob N. Layman
Chive dumplings at Luscious Dumplings
Los Angeles

The handmade jiaozis at this San Gabriel eatery are what fills up the parking spaces at the Las Tunas shopping plaza every day. At Luscious Dumplings, they practice what they preach: Dumplings, in both their pan-fried or boiled versions, are truly luscious. The chive-flavored variety ($6.50 for ten) is the star of the menu—a mix of aromatic pork, egg, chives and chopped shrimp is paired with a zingy side of soy sauce infused with finely chopped ginger.

Venue name: Luscious Dumplings
Address: 704 W Las Tunas Dr
Ste 4
Los Angeles

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 11am-8pm; Sun 11am-2pm
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