Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride at the Griffith Park Old Zoo

Not quite kid-friendly, this year's hayride finds itself exploring a portal to the underworld that's opened up in Griffith Park. It's an actual hayride—a long one—and you might wet, although ponchos will be courteously provided. There's a pumpkin patch and "scary-go-round" for wee ones (and 'fraidy cats), as well as a pitch black maze filled with "demons and maniacs," and probably lots of frisky teenagers. This year's theme, "Echoes from the Rift," brings apocalyptic creatures to the park, like a 40-foot Leviathan and a three-headed Cerberus. In addition, the attraction has added two new experience: House of the Horsemen, a game-like encounter with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the Seven Sins Sideshow, an interactive freak show where the audience will have to activate each scene, via everything from singing from a hymn book to uttering a secret phrase in a mirror.

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